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Sunday, August 30, 2020


English: A couple performing sexual intercours...
A couple performing sexual intercourse from a seated position. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Amazingly, studies recently showed that those who are actively sexual could reduce stress. This does not mean running out and have sex with multiple partners, rather engage in intimate relationships with someone you trust. In recent studies, couples were asked to define how sex relieved stress. According to results, the couples claimed that sex relaxed the mind and body. The couples felt less stress after and during math tests and public speeches they were able to relax and stay alert. 

According to the studies outlined by news, reports intercourse relaxed the body and mind. The studies showed that masturbation relieved stress to a degree more so than those who did not engage in such actions did. Still, those who had intercourse relieving stress more so than those who masturbated did. According to the studies, blood pressure quickly returned to its normal level after intercourse. 

The studies showed that the men and women who did not have sex had higher blood pressure than those who did. Sex has proven to relieve stress. It makes sense. Men and women were intended to express intimacy in a life long relationship. For this reason, sex is involved which should be enjoyed at both party's convenience. Of course, both couples must enjoy the activity to relieve stress. Some people do not enjoy sex, which causes them stress to think of engaging in intimacy. 

After sex, a person often feels relaxed. During the night, the person finds it easier to sleep. Morning sex is enjoyable, yet it can drain the energy, thus strenuous sex in the wake hours should be avoided. Enjoy mild, soft, and passionate sexual relations at this time. 

Sex is relaxing. If you enjoy sex experts, tell us that engaging in this activity twice daily is great exercise and helps to relax the mind and body. If this is true then we have guided relaxation through intimacy. So why are people still searching for answers to relieve stress? 

In the periodical that exposed that sex relieves stress, the authors mentioned that oxytocin when released could promote healthy functions, such as that of the physiology aspects. Oxytocin assists organisms. It is clear that when a person releases through organisms that tension expels from the body. The person feels a sense of relief. Still, what about the psychological aspects, i.e. what happens to the mind if a person engages in illicit sexual release. It is evident by past records that illicit sexual encounters only lead to disaster. We see this in disease, divorce, and so on. Thus, we see that engaging in sex requires that we uphold morals, standards, and values that make us humans. 

To uphold the rules of humanity we see that stress can be relieved through intimacy. Intimacy is between a man and a woman. At what time the two join in intimacy they express love, affection, and desire for the other. If you noted love, affection, and desire you would see the positive influences that lead them to guided relaxation. When sex is relentless, or when love, affections, and intimacy is not involved, how can it relieve stress? 

Logically you would see the tension build when emotions start to recall emptiness inside. For this reason, we must consider the aspects of sex that makes us feel relaxed. Those aspects again are love, affection, and a desire to love one another. When you have positive influences during sex, you have a guarantee that stress will relax. To learn more about sex and guided relaxation, women we encourage you to learn how sex can help you live longer. 

Friday, April 19, 2019

Find Comfort in Guided RELAXATION

We need to find our own way of feeling at peace with our inner emotions toward relaxation. The guided comfort in relaxation is the key to finding ourselves. Once you have found the comfort, it will make you feel healthier and happier.

How to find your guided relaxation: 
Finding guided comfort in relaxation starts with the inner self, which has caused us not to feel the comfort we need. We have many ways to find the comfort in relaxation we just have to look for the right one and stick to it. Once you’ve found what you are looking for and start to feel better if you stop that old feeling will come back and you will have to start again. You want to focus on continuance.

Learning to find your guided comfort takes time. It takes work. Practice with learning to overcome the stress that got you where you are today is the key to guided relaxation. Stress stems from stressors, such as late bills so we have to sort out what is bothering us.

Taking the bull by the horns: 
One must face reality, realizing that stress is a part of life. The world is moving fast it takes us with it and we have to learn to just go with the flow. Riding the tides will help you make what changes you can to expel some of the stress and then learn to guide self-through the rest of it.

Resources to guided relaxation: 
Head off to the library and research the books available to you. You also have the Internet where you can research and find helpful guided relaxation tools. You will find help to assist you with learning how to manage your life to find the guided relaxation you are looking for. Look for books, videos or maybe CD’s that can help you learn the process of guided relaxation. These resources can teach you how to and what you can do to help yours.

You do need to take time-out for you every day if only for 20 minutes. Yoga is a good exercise that everyone needs to help teach us to meditate. Yoga gives you a movement to relax the body. Socializing and meeting new people is a great way to lessen stress. Find a class that teaches you to learn Yoga and you will perhaps meet new friends to build your socializing skills. Taking a class will get you out and away from everyday stress for a while, and it will give you support being with people who are there for the same reason you are. Yoga will teach you how to imagine Self-outside of problems by helping you to meditate. You reach a relaxation zone that guides you to comfort. Once you have found your guided comfort, you’ll look forward to a brighter future.

Learning how to relax your body will help you sleep a more peaceful and restful night.  Without sleep, a person can build stress and sometimes it can lead to depression.  Depression sometimes will take over your mind and body. Medical attention will be necessary to help get you back to your guided comfort zone that you’ve lost.

Listening to CD’s, reading, or watching videos can help from feeling depressed since the tools are designed to relax your mind and body.

Beginning to learn to relax, it is hard because of built-up stress that you have to get rid of. Hang on and your comfort zone will eventually come to you and you’ll look forward to your own time-out. You have alternatives; take advantage of them now to fight stress.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


English: Engelberg-Titlis cableway (wallpaper)
Engelberg-Titlis cableway (wallpaper) - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Online you can find videos, books, and audiotapes, which guide you to relaxation by telling your personal stories how the author achieved his or her goals. One of the primary methods used to relieve stress is yoga. Yoga has been in existence for centuries and has proven to promote guided relaxation. The idea behind yoga is to focus on breathing. Since breathing is our breath of life, it makes sense that learning how to breathe naturally will help relieve stress.

The most beautiful object in the world is nature itself. Nature provides us with exceptional surroundings, which include waterfalls, ocean views, wildlife, crystal blue skies, aquarium, mystic skies, lavishing green gardens and so on. Each part of nature has something incorporated in its beauty that attracts our attention and brings relief to our minds.

Millions of people realize how effective nature is, thus tech designers have created videos, audio, books and even DVDs that help us to find guided relaxation. Music is available as well to guide the mind to relaxation. DVDs today are handy since if you do not want to listen to the sound of music, you can enjoy the tunes of customized organic sounds with scenes that set off the guided effects of relaxation.

Screensavers are great-guided relaxation tools also. Rather, wallpaper on your computer can help you relax. You may enjoy wildlife, which you will find funny wallpaper, animal life and more online. Aquarium wallpaper is available as well, which some types of wallpaper include sound effects. Perhaps you may enjoy the ocean waves in the background as you work. The wallpaper items are great also since you can find freebies online. Just download the pictures of your choice and relax as you listen to the sounds of fish swimming in the pure blue waters. Bird chirps, yawns, and other sound effects are available as well.

How to find tapes, wallpaper, videos and more:
Online you will find a wide assortment of videos and more than guide you to relaxation. The tapes are designed to help you cope with issues you face each day. We have to live with daily stress. Some of us find it difficult since we live in a world of violence, wars, crime and so on. These issues can bring you down. It is difficult already that we have to stress family needs, children, jobs, bills and so on that, we would have to worry about world issues. The only way you can manage stress is to let the world issues go and deal with today and what you need to do.

Most people feel they do not have the power to change world issues. This is true, yet if people would stand up for their rights they would have more control than they believed. This is a continuing issue, and often people sit back waiting for someone else to handle the issues, therefore if you are not ready to stand up for your rights, let go of what you have no control over.

Children these days are stressing parents around the world. The world is full of unruly children that lost their values, ethics, and standards. Because of media, television and Internet children now have access to anything they wish to view, or discover. Online you can learn how to make drugs, commit crimes and more. The Internet was intended for a good cause, yet that cause while good fell through the cracks. Therefore, we have added stress we didn’t need, which brings us to discover external resources combined with inner sources that help us guide self-to relaxation. We have control over self. It takes other people to change that they are.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Relaxation is something everyone needs in his or her lives and sometimes we have to be guided to reach it. Learning and practicing relaxation is an everyday thing to help relieve unneeded daily stress that is a part of our life. It will take awhile to see and feel better in mind and body but once you get there, don’t give it up.

Everyone says yoga: 
Yoga is not an exercise it is a way to teach you how to relax and become a healthier you. Yoga will help teach you to relax and relieve some of that stress you don’t really need.  You have many different types of yoga practices to enjoy, starting with beginners to advance.

Beginners of yoga: 
It is smart to start with, beginner programs if you have spent too much time inactive. In addition, you should consult with your doctor before starting practices of yoga. The three most important things yoga will teach you are how to breathe, meditate, and exercise. The body has to be strong and in shape to feel healthy and dispose of some of the stress by teaching you to relax.

Learning to breathe with yoga: 
Learning breathing techniques before you can learn to meditate is helpful. Breathing properly will train your mind to relax. Once you are relaxed, meditation is easy. You then can move to control the body and mind. The movements of yoga are the exercises that strengthen the body, helping you to relax the mind. The focus of yoga includes inhale and exhale breathe while focusing on your inner powers.

In order to learn guided relaxation, you need to practice each day to rid some of your stress that could take over your mind and body. Yoga can help you learn and teach you to breathe into relaxation and moving your body to relieve the tension respectively.

Yoga means to practice and learning to put it into your everyday life. Yoga will help a person find the guided relaxation we all need every day to be a healthier and a better person. Yoga teaches us self-control and self-respect. You will learn how to think before you speak, clean your inner thoughts and attitude towards yourself and other. Clean our your outer self by keeping it in a clean environment.

Once you practice and learn to meditate and relax along with the movements, you’ll see yourself become a new you. As the new you come out in the open, you’ll feel it because you won’t be stressed.

The stress in your life will take over, which depression can set in. Try relieving some of the stress and learn to relax. You’ll find self, sleeping better and waking up looking forward to the new day ahead.
Because everyone has stress Yoga can be a practice for everyone from children to your grandparents. Classes are offered for many different age groups and capabilities.

Before taking a class, check it out and if need be to ask your doctor about whether or not it would be harmful to you. The library has a wide variety of books and video along with some CD’s that can guide you to the class and type of Yoga that would fit your needs.

When practicing at home you need to find an area where you can be alone and it is quiet to avoid distractions. It usually takes around 20 minutes to set aside each day for you to learn, meditate, and practice. Remember to stay with it; don’t give up, since you need this time for you to stay happy and healthy. Get your guided relaxation today.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Stress Management through GUIDED RELAXATION

Is stress controlling you? Stress and tension are one of the hardest things that a person has to learn to deal with. Stress and tension will control you if you let it. Therefore, you need to learn how to reduce it as much as possible.

English: Stress Management for IT professionals
Stress Management for IT professionals
(Photo credit: 

How managing stress helps you to relax: 
To reduce the stress you will need a stress management program. The program may include walking, socializing, using music; bathing, fragrances, massages, videos and more that help you relax. You can use books as well. Books designed to teach you to relax will help you set up a stress management program.

Finding relief with books: 
If you enjoy reading, go to the library and pick up your favorite genres. Instead of rushing through the day, take a moment out for you and relax. Read your book and do not allow demands to take over you. For example, if your mind is telling you to get those dishes done, put it off. We are not promoting procrastination; rather we are saying that sometimes you just need to relax. If the dishes are bothering you, ask someone else to handle the task. Ultimately you can get it out of the way, and then take time out to read your book.

How dieting helps you to relax: 
It’s a proven fact that healthy diets with three balanced meals a day along with daily excise can keep stress at bay. When the muscles are tensed that the body lacks nourishment it needs to survive healthily, it causes stress. Isometric workouts, Pilate’s workout, and yoga are just a few types of exercises you can add to your stress management program.

Yoga will teach you how to maintain your body as well as help you to meditate. You can also get yoga books from your local library as well as any bookstore. You can even find yoga help guides online. All you will have to do is go and find a yoga web site and order what you want. Yoga is normally a self-teaching exercise.

Audio brings in new sound waves to relax the mind and body. Online you will find many audiotapes, which produce sound effects and images. Audio includes CDs that guide you to relaxation. Brainwave disks or CDs help you to relax through natural and sound. Online you can download free screensavers, MP3 images and sounds. The sites online offer exclusive musical audio. The musical and images help you to relax.

Some CDs online are free. You get free CDs with audio that helps you to channel into the mind. You can use the CDs that take you inside your subconscious arena, which starts you on the course to transform your mind and body, thus taking control of your life. The CDs are designed to help you unblock areas of the mind where information hides, preventing you from making necessary changes to take control of your mind.

You can learn to use your subconscious powers to set goals that you can achieve. Inside the subconscious arena are hidden messages that help you to heal the body and mind. The guided relaxation tools help you to use the creative mind, which guides you to taking control of your life.

So remember that stress is a self-controlling you can fight this if you are strong enough to do this, you have to be mentally as well as physically strong but you can fight it. There is help available you just have to find it you can get help through books and videos and support groups.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Has your feet ever been so tried that it hurt your whole body.  Like that, ole saying when your feet hurt your whole body hurts. Well this is mostly true, since the reason sets behind the fact that your entire nerve endings are in your feet. So when you are on your feet all day for whatever reason and they are hurting most of the time your whole body aches. What do most of us do when we get home? We sit down for a while or take a hot bath. One can indulge in foot relaxing baths or resting to take the weight off the feet. In fact, the first thing that hits the ground when you take a step is your heel, which is why many people experience heel pain. 

English: Photograph of a man massaging a woman...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can I relieve my aching feet? 
You have recourses to test when your feet are aching.  Like maybe a hot bath if you have one. Foot soakers are available as well. The foot soakers allow you to soak your feet. Some of the foot soakers have massagers as well so you can get a foot massage while you are soaking your tried feet. You can let your feet rest as long as you want to or until they feel better. Once your feet feel better, you will also feel better.

Where can I get the foot massagers?
You can find food massagers nearly anywhere that sells items to relieve stress. Depending how much money you want to pay, however you can find Bubble Jet Foot Massagers at most department stores for around $20. It depends on the type you choose; yet, some have heating elements that helps massage your feet.

You will find foot massagers with tuning bars built inside of it to rest your feet on while the massagers works them. 

If you are having, problems with deciding what one to get for you so that you can pamper yourself, then check out the resources online. Go on the Internet, check out some web sites, and have them send you some information on these feet massagers.

 Most of the time, you will find CDs as well as videos to help you to decide what kind are the best for you. There are lotions and oils to get if you want to just have some one do it for you or even you do it for yourself. It will feel better if someone else does it for you. Just put a little lotion or oil on the feet and rub it. You will feel so much better.

 In addition, unbelievably once your feet stop hurting you will feel like a new person inside as well as out. Try it and see what you think and make sure you enjoy your foot massager. The massagers are great. It will make a big difference on the way your feet feel and that will make you feel better. 

There are all kinds of oils and lotion that you can get at your local stores like the family dollar or even Wal-Mart if you cant find nothing there you might want to try the bath and body works in the mall in your area. You will need to rub your feet down with lotion or something when you are finished with the foot soak. This will add the finish touch to the whole massage.

Some foot massagers have rub pads, which helps you to remove dead skin after massage. You have many options to choose from, so go online to check out the foot massagers that guide you to relaxation. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Walking the Path to GUIDED RELAXATION

Join me as we walk along the beach while listening to the sounds of waves splash about as we move ahead. Oh so peaceful. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that all the time? Letting go of the worries that keep you down is a guaranteed way to relieve stress and move to guided relaxation. You can walk along that beach anytime you choose. There are videos and CDs with the sounds of the ocean playing on the track, and the videotapes has coaches to help with learning to do this. You can use the guides as a tool to reach your guided relaxation stage. 

stressed and worried
Stressed and worried (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is stress and tension?
Stress and tension is bad for your health as well as your mind. Stress is very controlling and will control your mind and make you go into a deep depression then you will have to get medical altercation as well as mentally attendee. Medically there is a lot that can go wrong, as well. Some of things that go wrong is you get high blood pressure, aches and pains, headaches, as well maybe you can have a heart attach or even a stroke.

Where can I get the information I need to get help?
Dealing with stress and tension is easy nowadays. You can find many helpful guides that teach you how to relax. However, you have to try some things to see if they will work for you. Everyone is different so it depends on you as a person. Some of things that you might want to try are hot baths, spas, scented candles, aromatherapy; yoga is good for you to do as well. 

Yoga is a self-teaching program that you can get the information out of a book or some form of videos. It is good for your health as well as your mind. Yoga is good for your mind it helps you to learn how to control your thoughts and breathing in which this will help you to relax all parts of your body. Some places that you can get this information is at your local store or sometimes you can go to your local family dollar or Wal-Mart they have spots that you can go to see if they have what you need. If you are unable to find what you need, you may want to visit sites that you can go to on the Internet to get information on relaxing.

Some people take stress better then others. However, regardless stress is stress and no matter what it is not, it can affect your life dramatically. Before it is to late and it takes total control over you and your body do something now. For some people it comes natural to worry about many things then others. 

For us that worry so much we need to manage our worries and allow room for peace. If you need to worry then make it wild and worry about something worth worrying about.

How to manage worry: 
Worry is a mean mechanism that will only destroy you. If you take control of worries, you will soon see stress slow. Keep the golden rule in mind, i.e. sufficient for each day and you will learn to relax your worries. You can also use the guide to live one day at a time to relieve stress. You have many choices, and making those choices your own will guide you to relaxation. If you find it difficult to manage on your own, visit the Internet to open your mind to suggestions. When you have an open mind you will find your guided relaxation.