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Sunday, April 30, 2017

How AUTISM is Diagnosed

The signs and levels of Autism vary in each child. This can make getting a diagnosis difficult. Children on the higher level of the Autism spectrum may go years without being diagnosed. There are may factors that go into an Autism diagnosis. We will go over some of the criteria  being  used to diagnose a child  with Autism.

English: Autistic child with Easter egg.
Autistic child with Easter egg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Doctors have a checklist that must be met before the possibility of Autism is suspected. Some of the signs on the checklist include, poor relationships with friends, focusing on one thing for very long periods of time, poor communications skills, and insisting on certain routines, or rituals. When these signs are shown in a child the doctor will want to evaluate the child further. The doctor will question the child's parents, or any other people that have close contact with the child. They may send home a form for you and the child's teacher to fill out. Once the doctor has the forms back they will compare the forms and look for similar results. If the results all are pointing to something being wrong further testing will be considered.

Children also develop at their own rate. So a parent having concerns about their child not reaching developmental milestones on time may question the doctor for further testing. The doctor will ask a series of questions to the parent. If the answers match the criteria for Autism the doctor will order further evaluations to be completed. Remember each child grows and matures at their own rate so they may just be a late bloomer.

There is not one test that can say definitely the child has Autism. It will require several appointments with different health professionals to rule out other conditions that could be causing the problems in your child. Often a child who is late to talk is suspected of having a hearing issue first. After this is checked then the doctor can move onto evaluating for Autism. Several health conditions can mimic the symptoms of Autism. Children always need to be evaluated for any other medical conditions that could cause the same symptoms as Autism first.

To receive an Autism diagnosis the child will be evaluated by a team of medical professionals. They will include the doctor, a psychologist, a speech therapist, a neurologist, and a psychiatrist. Once the child is evaluated by the team they will meet and compare their findings. Then they will have a meeting with the parents to discuss their findings . If the diagnosis of Autism is made a treatment plan will be set in place.

Each child will show different symptoms of Autism, and the levels they experience it will be different. So it may take longer to get a diagnoses of Autism in some children. Once you have the diagnoses the most important thing is to start a treatment plan. The treatment plan will help make the life of your Autistic child better. While there is no cure for Autism, the treatments available can help to lesson the symptoms.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tuning Into Opposites for Health: The Principle of Yin and Yang for MEDICINE (TCM)

English: Traditional Chinese Medicine describe...
Traditional Chinese Medicine
describes things as either Yin or Yang.
Here are some Yang qualities,
with the character for Yang.
(Photo credit: 
Chinese medicine is not only a way of science that incorporates the discoveries made for holistic health.  It also incorporates philosophies that are important for one to be able to stay in the best health.  Along with these philosophies are practical principles that are applied with Chinese medicine in order for holistic health to be achieved.  

The idea of Yin and Yang is one of the many principles that are at the root of Chinese medicine and it’s functioning.  This particular method was applied through Taoism, one of the religious practices in the Orient.  From this philosophy, the Chinese discovered that the laws of the universe could be applied to each individual in order to gain optimum health.  

The idea of Yin and Yang incorporates five major ideas that are then used in order to help one gain the best of health.  The first of these is opposition.  This means that everything and everyone has two polar opposites.  When one is balanced, both of these are controlling each other.  This opposition is essential to one being able to exist in the universe.  

English: Traditional Chinese Medicine describe...
Traditional Chinese Medicine
describes things as either Yin or Yang.
Here are some Yin qualities,
with the character for Yin.
(Photo credit: 
Not only is this opposition essential for existence, but it is also what allows one to be healthy.  By balancing out these two opposites, one is able to nourish them as well as grow into new understanding and balance.  However, even if these are not balanced, there is still a little of one side into the other making the idea of Yin and Yang interchangeable.  

When one applies these particular philosophies to health, they can find that they are able to use the principles to help with health.  With each side of your body is another side that is the polar opposite.  A good example is your abdomen, which needs your back in order to remain balanced.  By focusing on both sides, you will be able to gain balance, energy and a holistic approach to your life.

The idea of Chinese medicine is one that doesn’t just record symptoms through a scientific perspective.  It takes into account the dark and light sides of everyone.  By learning how to apply the principles of Yin and Yang to every part of your health, there is the ability to learn to exist with a new balance.  

Friday, April 28, 2017

ODIN, Thor, the Aseir and Elves in Anglo-Saxon MAGIC

Odin, Thor the Aesir and Elves
Much of the Christianized Teutonic (Norse / Germanic) magic dedicated Odin, Thor and the Aesir as no more than words of power. They only existed through the working of charms.

Also associated with the Great Aesir Pantheon of God/Goddess's was a motley crew of lessor supernatural beings.

Christianity said these supernatural beings worked their evil on mortals.

Odin was pictured as he rode through the sky with what they called fierce women, shrieking curses and hurling destructiveness.

The church did all it could to demonize Odin and Thor.

Odin-thor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Invocation of Odin and Thor was forbidden. But Christian semi-barbarians of Anglo-Saxon England, retained the memory only of the supposedly Pagan ancient terrors.

The vengeful flying fierce women of Odin became the witches of the Middle Ages.

The dreaded elves became the Fawns, Lemures, and Satyrs used to frighten children. Hordes of Elves, urged on by furious witches attacked humans with elf-shot.

They hurled missiles at heroes. Elves carried out spiteful attacks on animals.

Odin's lay of an Elf-Shot horse 'narrative charm' is as follows:

  • "If a Horse be taken down with Elf-Shot, take a knife of which the handle is horn of a roan Auroch as on which be three inscribed runes. Inscribe Odin's Rune on the horse forehead that it bleed, and also on it's back. Then prick through the left ear silently. Then take a a galder staff and smite the horse on the back.
  • Then will the horse be whole. What so ever elf it be that shot the horse will be over powered. This remedy has the power to heal."

Sounds cruel. But remember the alternative is a dead horse.

Christianity left no part of our Viking religion, culture or mythology unscathed with their demonetization.

Dwarf's were depicted as harmful as the Elves. They were pictured in Christian Art as always small and noxious.

Christian Dwarfs were less active, but more oppressive than Elves. They brought nightmares to children. The Teutonic peoples depicted Dwarfs as small, ugly Earth dwellers who stayed in the Earth mining and working with metal. Not demonic or harmful to children.

Odin, Thor, the Aesir, Elves, Dwarves were all demeaned by the church.

I prefer to think of Elves and Dwarves the way Tolkien wrote about them in his "Lord of The Rings" series of books.

    By Ellis Peterson
    Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. Ragnar is 70+ but looks 50's thanks to his inventions. You can see more of his works on his website: Ragnar Storyteller's un-politcally correct writings on quantum physics and other stuff. click:
    Article Source: EzineArticles

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Canning Jar CANDLES

We have all seen those beautiful canning jar candles with the pretty ribbon and potpourri. It is very easy to make your own canning jar candles with just a few inexpensive items that you can get from your local craft store or online. You will need wide mouth canning jars, ribbon, potpourri, votive candles with holders, and a hot glue gun. Make your own canning jar candles to add charm to the dinner table as a center piece or gift them to family and friends for gifts.

Floating Candle Jars
Flickr - TinyTall 

To start, fill the jar with potpourri. If you desire, add some extras such as dried apples or cinnamon sticks. Fill the jar full enough that when you set the candle holder on top it is even with the top of the jar. Place the candle in the holder once you have got the fit right. Next, glue the ribbon around the top mouth area of the canning jar. You can further personalize your canning jar candles by gluing on decorations. Canning jar candles are a great idea for Mother’s Day or crafts for young children to take home.

Canning jar candles are great for all Holidays as well. Add pumpkin cut outs for Halloween, little bunnies for Easter, and Christmas trees or small ornaments for Christmas. Canning candle jars make excellent fundraisers or items to sell at the next craft show. The internet offers many great canning jar candle décor ideas, especially for the holidays. Your local craft stores and the internet are great places to get canning jar candle ideas. Those of you who are more creative will have no trouble designing your own.

McCall’s canning jar candles are already made. They come with wonderful labels that are very rustic looking. This candle collection comes in many wonderful fragrances with a zinc wick. These canning jar candles come in two sizes, the 5 ounce that burns for about 30-35 hours and the 16 ounce burns for 110-115 hours. The small candles retail for $13.63 and the larger ones are $24.63. While these are great candles as well, you will miss out on the experience of candle making if you choose to purchase them. You will also be able to make several of your own for the cost of one McCall’s canning jar candle.

To save even more money when making canning jar candles, consider making your own votives. You can do this easily in you home. You will need paraffin wax, wick, and candle holders. You can choose to use dye for colored votives or scents to add a wonderful smell to the candles. It is very easy to melt the wax and add in whatever you want to make the color and smell you desire. Then simply pour the hot wax into the candle holders. To save even more, shop at thrift stores and yard sales for canning jars and votive holders at a very low price.

Canning jar candles are very easy to make and they are very beautiful. You can make them in very little time and young children will be able to do this with ease as long as you help them with the glue gun. Make canning jar candles for you own personal use or as gifts. These cute candles are very inexpensive to make and they last a very long time, giving a delicious aroma.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Inducting RASAYANA Therapy in Our Daily Routine

Introduction:   Ayurveda , the oldest health science  has eight branches. Rasayana (rejuvenation) is one of them. Rasa has different meanings like ”juice”, "taste “, “essence," "flavor”, or “emotion", but is not limited to any of these in itself. In therapeutic process Rasa is concerned with the conservation, transformation, and revitalization of energy. Rasa nourishes our body, boosts immunity and helps to keep the body and mind in best of health.

English: Supari Palm or Betelnut Areca catechu...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Aim Of Rsayana :
 The Rasayana therapy enhances the qualities of rasa, enriches it with nutrients. With such enriched   excellent Rasa, one attains longevity, memory, intelligence, freedom from disorder, youthfulness, excellence of luster, complexion & voice, optimum development of physique and sense organs, mastery over phonetics, respectability and brilliance.

Types of Rasayana:  

1. Types of rasayana preparations which can be consumed according to the needs.

A . Kamya Rasayanas: Kamya rasayanas are promoters of normal health. These boost body energy levels, immunity and general health.

Pranakamya –  Promoter  of vitality and longevity
Medhakamya – Promoter of intelligence.
Srikamya -   – Promoter of complexion.

B .Naimittika Rasayana- : Naimittika rasayanas help to fight a specific disease.

2. Types of Rasayanas on the basis of place of Therapy

A. Kuti  Praveshika Rasayana – Indoor rasayanaTherapy .

B. Vatatapika Rasayana – Out door rasayana  Therapy.

3. Types of Rasayanas On the basis diet and life styles.

A. .Aushdha  Rasayana – Drug based Rasayana.
B. Ahara Rasayana – Dietary Rasayana.
C. Achara Rasayana – Life style Rasayana.

Preparation for Rasayana therapy :

 It is very essential for a person who wishes to undergo rasayana therapy to undergo samshodhana (detoxification) as a preparatory procedure. The samshodhana process detoxifies both body and mind. A detoxified body and mind is a like a clean cloth which readily absorbs the color in which it has been dipped unlike a soiled cloth which looks soiled even after coloring with best colors.

But when a person is not eligible for samshodhana or is not able to get samshodhana then he can also consume rasayana preparations which still boost the qualities of rasa in his body.

Effect of rasayana therapy

Rasayana therapy  enriches nutritional quality of Rasa, enhances digestion and metabolism by normalizing agni or body fire, and promoting the competence of  channels 
Benefits of rasayana :  The main purpose of Rasayana   therapy is to retard the aging process and to delay the degenerative process in the body
It enhances the intelligence, memory, body strength, luster of the skin, and modulation of voice
It nourishes the blood, lymph, muscles, tissues, semen, and thus prevents Chronic degenerative disorders like Arthritis.
Improves metabolic process and quality of body tissues and eradicates diseases of old age.
Helps to attain optimal physical strength  and sharpness of sense organs.
Rasayana has marked action on reproductive organs and also nourishes shukra dhatu (semen)
Rasayana nourishes the whole body and improves Immune system and hence the natural resistance to infection will be more.
By following Achara Rasayana  one can be more Satwik  and surge ahead in the spiritual field by his pure daily routines like speaking truth ,not getting angry, by having control over his sense organs and calmness,.

Natural foods which act as Rasayanas 

Haritaki: (Embelica officinalis)
It is called as Haritaki because it cures all the diseases.It has been alternatively named as  Abhaya with appreciation on its action since it bestows permanent long life to those who use it always. It is also known as Vijaya since it is  a conqueror of all the diseases. 

A fresh , round and heavy fruits of haritaki are always best. It should sink in water and also devoid of any diseases.Such fruits are rich in taste and potency. 

The fruit should be slit into two or three pieces and seed is removed .Such fruit pieces are cooked with four parts of water till they soften. Then they should be removed and allowed to cool. One part of ghee and one part of  honey is added to this and kept aside for three days. It should be consumed later  taking care of digestion power. After this rasayana is digested  shstika sahli rice with cow’s milk is consumed. By using this rasayna one will be free from wrinkles, baldness and premature greying of hair. This gives  very good memory power, eye sight and a long healthy life..

Ghee ( Clarified butter):
is the  best known Rasayana which is  very good rejuvenator and Longevity promoter,.   It also improves digestion, has soothening effects on the nervous system, Iimproves the glow of skin, enhances memory power, helps to retain the grasped matters and increases ojus. Ghee has a very good rate of absorption and it is a very good medium for transporting the nutrients of the food to the tissue So make sure that you use a spoon of to your daily food which is very easily and readily available to one and all. (This is not applicable to people who have high blood cholesterol).

These are the very rich source of Vitamin C and are known for there unique action like improving the resistance to cold, controlling the bleeding of gums, healing wounds and formation of scar tissue. The lemon acts as purifier and nourishing agent. 

Squeeze half lime in a glass of luke warm water and add two tea spoons of honey to it. This helps to reduce weight when consumed in empty stomach at early hours of day.

Ginger improves digestion, removes ama (body toxin which causes diseases). Hence it is accepted world wide as medicine. Always use dry ground ginger which is more concentrated in its effects and flavor. 
Sprinkle little dry ginger powder on a spoon of lemon juice and add little salt. This should be consumed forty-five minutes before meals to have a very good appetite and digestion.

Cumin Seeds: 
Cumin seeds helps in digestion, digests and expels ama and balances doshas. To expel body toxins start the day with drinking Luke warm water with powdered cumin and ginger. 

Green Gram :
Green gram is very light to digest and  are best for people who have digestion problems. They are among the best legumes for there supreme digestibility and health giving qualities. Those who prefer light food can opt for this food.

 Dates and figs: 
These are known excellent source of energy. They also help to build the body tissues and improve the hemoglobin  percentage . Hence eat two to three dates or figs a day.

These are nourishing and life –supporting . Eat five to six Almonds a day to build  energy and strength. It is proved that Almonds helps in reducing the blood Cholesterol levels.

Lassi :
It is beverage prepared by mixing two part of water and one part of yogurt. It can be made a sweet beverage by adding little sugar or honey and little ground cardamom. For people who do not like sweet taste it can be made as a delicious salt and sour beverage by adding roasted cumin seeds and little salt. It is an excellent nutritive, digestive beverage and can be  used during meals or taken as a desert after meal.

Seasonal Fruits: 
Always use the juicy fresh fruits which are available in the season. They are of high nutritive value and are body purifiers also.

Along with all these food and medicinal Rasyana one should follow Achara Rasayna to have very good effects of rasayana.

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