Monday, August 21, 2017

Why Try MEDITATING Outside?

Meditating outdoors? Does it really matter where you meditate? I think it can. For some of us, being outside makes for not just a different meditation experience, but a more profound one. There are some good reasons for this.

Perhaps meditating in a quiet room with no sounds and nothing to distract is the easiest way, especially for beginners. It's hard enough to quiet your mind without constant input from your surroundings. On the other hand, life is constant input, so if you want the peacefulness that comes from meditation to enter your life beyond your practice, perhaps learning to meditate despite surrounding sounds and movement is just what you need.

Road meditation
Road Meditation - Photo by Kashirin Nickolai 

Meditating Outdoors

There's a high bank on a river where I lived years ago. It was a five-minute walk from the house. There's a level grassy spot at the top, looking down on the water fifty feet below. That is where I would go to sit. Often there was a breeze I could feel on my skin and hear in the surrounding trees. I also heard the water as it strained through some dead trees near the river bank. I smelled the dirt around me, and the odor of fish coming up from the water.

Meditating there wasn't only pleasurable because of the environment, but also different from meditating in the silence of my home. There was more of a sense of experiencing the world without thought, without over-analyzing. Why? Perhaps simply because there was more to experience. There were the sounds, which included birds, and the occasional splashing of some animal in the river. There were things to smell and the feel of the grass.

I usually close my eyes when I meditate, because I am a very visually-oriented person, and find it easier to meditate this way. When I finished my meditation by the river, I would open my eyes, of course, but what I saw was always different from what was there when I started. Of course, it was the same, but I was seeing it differently, as if for the first time. While difficult to explain, this is easy to recognize if you have had the experience.

It's wonderful to look around as if seeing for the first time. You are seeing without preconception. I might see a deer on the opposite bank of the river, but the thought "deer" wouldn't cross my mind, meaning it wouldn't cloud my vision with any ideas about what a deer is or should be. The sounds and sensations were also "new." I think this more direct experience of life is a profound demonstration of how much we normally "live" through our thoughts, somewhat detached from reality.

If you haven't already tried it, why not get outside for your next meditation? Sit on a hill or in front of a garden, or try standing in front of a lake or pond when you meditate. The view will be wonderful when you open your eyes. There is nothing quite like meditating outdoors.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Brahma Satya REIKI

Brahma Satya Reiki is a recent evolution of Reiki which originated from India as a result of descent of Shiva-Shakti as Brahma Satya. This descent was said to occur sometime in August of 1997.

It was during this time that Deepak Hardikar was drawn into the waves of this descent in deep meditative states that the brahma sutras, or the universal keys were revealed. Along with this revelation came the existence of the system now known as Brahma Satya Reiki.

In further explaining Brahma Satya Reiki, one must be able to learn and understand its name. “Reiki” is a Japanese word that is the result of joining together of two words. One of the words is “Rei” which means Universal and “Ki” which means the Life Force Energy. As for the Indian origin of the name, “Brahma” means Brahmaan or the Universe and “Satya” means the Truth.

Shiva & Shakti

It can be said that “Reiki” is just a similar translation of the original Indian word, “Brahmaprana”. Reiki or Brahmaprana can both be explained as that life force energy which exists all over the universe. It is through that primal energy from which the life forms exist in the entire universe.

Brahma Satya Reik therefore can be further described as the Universal Truth of the Universal Life Force Energy. Through this new type of Reiki method, it is said that Reiki exists in the form of Shakti, Shiva-Shakti and Shiva. These are considered as the three primal energies which are radiated out of the very source of universal existence.

Through this, practitioners believe Reiki as also to refer to the Divine energy. Each of the three primal energies represents the primal vibrations and has their own special and unique characteristics.

The first primal energy, Shakti, is believed to provide inner strength essential for the realization of any type of task. Shiva is said to be the primal energy that is responsible for the completion or dissolution of any task. Shiva-Shakti is said to be that primal energy which combines the two other primal energies of Shiva and Shakti.

Through Shiva-Shakti the two can be considered either as independently functioning energies or also a joint form of these two primal energies. Shiva-Shakti is a very rare form of primal energy that requires inner strength and an intrinsic realization of the inner core knowledge required for the fulfillment and completion of any task.

This intrinsic realization can also result in the feeling of contentment and satisfaction which can bring about a constant experience of bliss. The Brahma Satya Reiki is the only type of the Reiki system that is known to be based upon the Shiva-Shakti.

In general, Brahma Satya Reiki, just like other forms of Reiki that has been developed through the years, is commonly understood as a holistic natural healing system. It is a system that provides individual well-being. It is a system that is very simple to learn and practice. The Brahma Satya Reiki is also considered as a stress relieving relaxation technique. Practice of the said system can effectively help dissolve existing pains and other struggles experienced by individuals.

The practice of Brahma Satya Reiki focuses attention towards the conscious awareness of all factors that essentially cause the pains and struggles that people experience. Brahma Satya Reiki gives importance upon the practical applicability of reiki, be it related to the physical body, emotional issues or the handling of life’s various adverse situations.

This system of reiki also stresses on the long distance method of healing, which is considered as a definite shift from all of the other existing forms of reiki. This aspect of the Brahma Satya Reiki is a distinct advantage in situations where the touch healing aspect of reiki is too difficult to be practically adopted.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

High Blood Pressure and Natural Cure of High BLOOD PRESSURE

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in your artery. Blood pressure is deliberate in millimeters of mercury. Your blood pressure is recorded as two in order. For instance, 150/95 mmHg. This is thought as '150 over 95'.

High blood pressure is one of numerous 'risk factors' that can add to your chance of rising heart disease, a stroke, and other grave circumstances. As a law, the senior the blood pressure, the better the danger. Treatment includes a change in lifestyle risk factor where these can be better - losing heaviness if you are overweight, usual physical action, a fat diet, cutting rear if you swallow a lot of alcohol, stop smoking, and a short salt and caffeine intake. If wanted, medicine can lower blood pressure.

Risk Factor by High Blood Pressure

a. Hypertension.
b. High cholesterol blood height.
c. High triglyceride blood height.
d. Diabetes.
e. Kidney disease that involves kidney purpose.

Image from page 141 of "Principles of electro-medicine, electrosurgery and radiology : a practical treatise for students and practitioners. With chapters on mechanical vibration and blood pressure technique" (1917)
Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Subsequent are the main cause of high blood pressure:

a. strain and eventful life style
b. smoke and consumption alcohol
c. extreme drinking of tea, coffee, and refined foods
d. harden of the artery
e. Diseases like fatness and diabetes
f. extreme eating of ordinary salt
g. High-fat diet

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Subsequent are the main symptoms of high blood pressure:

I. extreme sweeten
II. Red eyes
III. blazing feelings
IV. dizziness and faintness
V. sickness and sickness feelings
VI. ache at the reverse of the head and neck
VII. the ache in the county of the heart

Diet for High Blood Pressure


People with high blood pressure be supposed to not swallow alcohol. While study have established that low levels of alcohol consumption can have defensive belongings for the heart, and can perhaps decrease the danger of rising high blood pressure


In several people, eating too a lot salt can make high blood pressure greatly worse. In others, the matching salt eating may have no result. The difficulty is that no doctor or scientist can inform which the case is for a creature patient awaiting it is also tardy.

This joint with the information that also a lot salt is awful for the heart anyway of blood pressure rank, income that abridged sodium is a powerfully optional part of a fit diet.


Soaked fat, particularly trans fats, are bad for together the heart and blood vessels. Since the circulatory system is previously under a bundle of strain in the location of high blood pressure, additional tension can be shocking.

Treatment to Avoid High Blood Pressure

a. subsequent a fit eating pattern
b. achieve and maintain a fit weight
c. sinking salt and sodium in your diet
d. exercise and being lively frequently
e. boundary the use of alcohol
f. eliminate a smoke habit

Home Remedies to Get Relief from High Blood Pressure

a. Garlic is recognized as one of the majority effectual remedies in lower the blood pressure.
b. Press semi a lemon in 100-150 grams of water and drink it each two hours for instant release.
c. Watermelon is defending next to hypertension.
d. get one teaspoonful of fenugreek seeds morning and evening with an unfilled stomach for 20-25 days with water.
e. One or two pieces of garlic rolls in raisin lower blood pressure.
f. Take four foliage of Tulsi and two leaves of Neem with 3-4 teaspoonfuls of water, unfilled belly for 6-7 days.
g. Get new papayas every day on an unfilled stomach for a month frequently to reduce hypertension.

Friday, August 18, 2017

REIKI Timeline

Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865–1926)
Mikao Usui
(Photo credit: 
August 15, 1865, Miako Usui born in Japan
1868 Beginning of Meiji time 
1869 Usui sent to a monastery school 
1871 The Yen became currency in Japan 
1877 Usui began his martial arts training 
1888 After a bout with Cholera, Usui converted to Buddhism 
1908 Usui's son, Fuji, born 
1910 Shoeski Kaneko experienced and enlightenment after studying Zen for years and began using his healing abilities.
1913 Usui's daughter, Toshiko, born 
1915 Kenzen no Genri, a book, came out using Usui's five principles 
1915 Tamai Tempaku, artist of abdominal massage, published a book with this new modality 
1918 Usui began three-year training in Zen 
1919 Mataji Kawakami published a book on the Reiki Ryoho 
1920 Mariko Obaasan met Usui on Mt. Hiel and worked with him every day until his death 
1920 Toshiro Eguchi spent several months studying Usui's principles and teachings
1921 Usui worked as a secretary for the Department of Health and Welfare 
1922 In March, it is said that Usui received the Reiki power. He went to Mt. Koya did his twenty-one-day meditation. 
1922 In April, Usui opened his first treatment center 
1922 Usui tried the Reiju empowerment too
1923 Usui develops system for levels of Judo
1923 Eguchi returned to a training center to practice his own te-no-hira or palm healings
1923 Earthquake registering 7.0 on the Richter Scale, over 106,000 people reported missing, Usui became quick in spreading Reiki all over Japan and gave him success and a reputation
1924 Usui moved to Tokyo 1926 Usui traveled to Fukuyama town and died there due to a stroke
1927 Usui students erect a memorial to him in Tokyo

Mikao Usui brought much into the world when he first realized the healing power of Reiki existed. He used it to help all kinds of people and helped the world after bad weather. He taught many students and passed on his wisdom to the next generation of Reiki scholars.

What Is Transcendental MEDITATION

English: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - Huntsville Ja...
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - Huntsville January 1978 
(Photo credit: 
Meditation has been practiced for centuries. In the years that followed, various movements have evolved and one of them is called transcendental meditation.

Transcendental meditation was a movement founded in 1957 by a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Today, it has over 6 million followers and some of them include Hollywood celebrities and singers.

The organization that practices Transcendental Meditation is better known as the Spiritual Regeneration Movement. What makes this form of meditation different from the others is the fact that you don’t just learn everything there is to know by reading a book but by learning from a transcendental meditation expert.

The ultimate goal of Transcendental Meditation is to make each member achieve pure consciousness. By doing so, the individual will be able to find peace with him or herself and also with the rest of the world.

The practice of transcendental meditation takes about 15 to 20 minutes each day. In order to be part of this organization, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi created a seven step process which everyone must go through that also includes two lectures, a personal interview with a trained instructor and four days of practice. Apart from that, you are required to pay a signup fee that is almost $2,500.

More than 500 clinical studies have been done on Transcendental Meditation. One study shows that members who are in their 50’s feel much younger. Another study shows that it improves your academic achievement, creativity, and intelligence.

Those who have been practicing it claim that it reduces problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Even those who have had addictions to alcohol or drugs in the past say that this has helped them kick the habit.

In short, Transcendental Meditation is able to improve your physical health. Probably the biggest surprise is that one study showed that members of this movement have had fewer medical problems than those who are not.

Given the benefits it can do to those who practice it, this is probably the reason why some companies in the US offer this program to their employees. This is because management knows that stress costs them more than 200 billion dollars annually which means a decrease in the worker’s productivity.

One example of such a company that offers this to their employees is General Motors. This car company has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for several years and results from a study showed that this increased the productivity in the workplace, improved morale and had a good impact on the physical health of their workers.

There are even some who have mistaken Transcendental Meditation and the organization itself to be part of the religious cult. This is because another name by which it is known as the “Science of Creative Intelligence” which in fact is a degree that you can get after you graduate at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

It should also be pointed out that Transcendental Meditation is scientific so you don’t have to abandon your current religion. In fact, it can be done with little effort so it is possible for you to achieve pure consciousness regardless of your age, gender, educational background, culture or religion.

Transcendental Meditation makes you look inward so you are able to turn those dormant potentials into realities. Of course, this can only happen over time and with practice so you will soon be able to experience an endless world of possibilities.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Using AIKIDO Moves in Practice or in Combat

It only takes a split second whether someone comes out as a victor or a loser in combat. The person can try to remember it, later on, to see what errors were made in order to become a better fighter in the future.

Photo: Wikimedia

Such things also happen in a competition which is why it is best for the student to be familiar with the various Aikido moves at all times.

For instance, in Ai hanmi Iriminage a person grabs the attacker by the neck and forces the opponent to the ground. 

In Ai hanmi Kokyuho, this is similar to the first with the difference of extending the arm a little farther in order to achieve maximum effect.

Should the attacker have a knife, a good aikido move to use is called Katate Ryotemochi in which the individual uses both hands to block the weapon used by the attacker and disarming it before putting the person on the ground.

If the individual is able to get behind the attacker, perhaps doing Ushiro Ryokatatori will be a good idea. This will allow the student to grab both shoulders of the person. Should the individual be tough, perhaps applying Ushiro Kubishime, which will temporarily cut the air supply until the assailant is unconscious, is the best thing to do?

Not all the aikido moves being taught are just to block and the make the person fall to the ground. There are also striking moves such as Kata Menuchi in which the hand makes a slice to the middle of the forehead. Those who don’t want to inflict a concussion can try Mune Tsuki, which is a strike to the chest.

A good move for the leg is the Aiki Otoshi better known in English as a leg sweep. This will surely keep the person down especially when that attacker thinks that all the student can do is use the arms when defending.

Once the attacker has been subdued, it will be safer to keep the attacker locked in a Sankyo hold. This technique is used by police, which is very useful when the police are on the way to the location.  

There are more than 10 different moves in Aikido. The person should be able to distinguish one from the other especially when the terms are all in Japanese. It will be the choice of the individual which one to use when one is engaged in combat.

The first step in learning this martial art will be to enroll in a dojo. The person can look at the directory to find the nearest one to the home and then choose to sign up if the rates are affordable. 

The student will then be taught the rules, how to wear the uniform and then the proper moves in each stroke. The individual should not expect to get it right on the first day but eventually do better in the coming days. 

The person should remember that Aikido, unlike other martial arts, can only be used for defensive purposes. Usually, when the suspect has failed in the attack, this person will run so the individual should not give chase but rather get help.

It is only with practice sparring with a partner or even doing the same thing in a competition that both the mind and the body can be conditioned to engage an attacker in combat.