Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Reiki Instruction - An Overview

You may really wonder why Reiki is such an in demand topic for many people. All over the world, it is being practiced for healing purposes. There are some concepts that surround it which you are required to understand most especially if you do manifest an interest in the methodology used in the practice of Reiki. Moreover, the latter is the conventional Japanese type of hands-on healing. Through time, the traditional sense of Reiki has been quite forgotten with the many variations that have already evolved. The system that is known to this contemporary world is no longer in its original state. Taking up a Reiki instruction will open your eyes to its many varieties. There are numerous branches that exist nowadays as well as different modes of instructions used. Those who practice Reiki therapy go through a system of instruction as divided into levels and they earn their degree and certification too. 

The Reiki practitioner can come from any part of the world, study at different institutions or Reiki clubs, and be under different Masters too. Generally, the very first form of Reiki was divided into three degrees or levels with an addition, that is the Master Level or Master Degree. After the completion of the latter, a practitioner qualifies to train others. 

Anyhow, there are multiple branches of the instruction. Take a look at their different forms by reading below. 

The Usui Shiki Ryoho. Originally pioneered by Mrs. Takata, several other solitaries like the Reiki Alliance Masters began to form. As a part of the oral tradition, this medium of instruction employs three degrees which are taught to the learners. The first degree covers four attunements including mythos and history, the hand positions, and the channeling of Reiki energy for self-healing and in healing others. The second degree impart more forms of attunements that cover the teaching of three among the four sacred symbols, healing of mental as well as emotional disorders, and the absentee or distance healing. The Master Degree involves only one attunement and that includes the fourth sacred symbol as well as the techniques for the channeling of more energy. 

The Raku Kei Reiki. Someone by the name of Iris Ishikuro who trained under Takata contributed much to this branch of the instructional system. The term Raku Kei Reiki is also called "the way of the Fire Dragon". It is comprised of the directional energy flow wherein Raku signifies the vertical flow while the term Kei means the horizontal energy flow. Both the first and the second degrees are discussed in a class that touches on the positions of the hand, the techniques in healing, the four traditional symbols, the distance healing, and the use of the Master Frequency plates. The third degree on the other hand promotes three attunement levels along with the two other additional symbols, the use of crystals, herbs and white light in healing. 

The Tera Mai or Tera Mei Seichem. A few changes have been made to this type of instruction which covers the energy activation of the Angelic light, Sakara, and Sophi-el. There are also symbols which have been added to the older ones. 

The Usui or Tibetan Reiki. This mode of instruction combines the traditional and the understandings expressed by Rand and Raku Kei. 

A learner has the option to choose which Reiki instruction he feels to study. The Masters are everywhere and one has to simply get in touch with them.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Cats, Vikings and WITCHCRAFT

The Vikings certainly loved cats. In Norway and Iceland cats were in high demand. Unfortunately for the cats, the people of Norway saw no value in a living cat; it was the fur they absolutely adored. Even the fox could not compete with the cat. The Norwegian king Magnus VI, the law-mender (1238 - 1280) passed a law declaring cat fur as legal currency. One piece of cat fur was equivalent to three pieces of fox fur.

Cat fur was quite valuable. Only the rich could afford this luxury. Now as it happens, the Volvas were among the upper classes. A Volva was a woman who was a master of prophecy and witchcraft. The Volvas were greatly respected and feared. Their services were in high demand, but extremely

In the Saga of Eric the Red, a Volva is described in great detail. She had been summoned to help the settles of Greenland during their hardship. She was called Lisevolve and she was treated like a queen. The clothes she wore are described down to the last detail in the saga. On her head she wore a hat trimmed with cat skin. Her gloves were made of cat skin which had fluffy white cat fur on the inside.

Now as it happens, the goddess of love was also a master of  magic and witchcraft. Her name was Freyja. No other god or goddess mastered witchcraft better than Freyja. She was the most beautiful goddess of the Viking world. The goddess of love and magic had a stunning carriage. Yes, you guessed it. The carriage was pulled by two cats.

Volvas of the human world, loved to dress up with clothes made from cat skin and cat fur. Freyja, the goddess of love and magic was associated with two cats. It seems the tendency to associate cats with witchcraft was well established in the Viking Age. Cats certainly have been unfairly prosecuted throughout the centuries in the Western World. Fortunately major parts of the human race have come
to their senses and are finally treating cats with the respect and love they deserve.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Should We Take End Of The World PREDICTIONS Seriously?

Considering the vast number of previous predictions which have all failed to materialise, surely we shouldn’t be too worried?

English: The carbon footprint.
The carbon footprint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yet for some of us fears seem hard to shake everyday we hear of new disasters, new threats with the world seemingly more and more out of control especially in relation to extreme weather events, global warming and the growing credit crisis.

So what if anything can I do?

Do your bit, no one can save the world single handedly but you can do your bit, here are a few suggestions.

- Cutting down your carbon footprint by using less electricity, gas, car fuel and water not only helps the environment but your pocket too by reducing bills. This doesn’t mean changing your lifestyle just simple measures such as ensuring you turn off items instead of leaving them on standby.

- Working to pay off debts, this benefits you, as you aren’t wasting money on interest payments. Being in control of your finances reduces stress and makes the banks more confident.

- Donate unwanted items or money to charity, simple measures which benefit those in need.

- Being a conscientious shopper by knowing where and how the items you buy are produced. Remember every item you buy has a carbon footprint. Buy local products where possible, make sure the product is produced sustainably, ethically and in an environmentally friendly way.

- Recycling, stops the world resources being unnecessarily used up and isn’t as difficult as it seems look out recycling symbols on packaging and familiarise yourself with your local areas recycling
system and facilities.


Has your feet ever been so tried that it hurt your whole body.  Like that, ole saying when your feet hurt your whole body hurts. Well this is mostly true, since the reason sets behind the fact that your entire nerve endings are in your feet. So when you are on your feet all day for whatever reason and they are hurting most of the time your whole body aches. What do most of us do when we get home? We sit down for a while or take a hot bath. One can indulge in foot relaxing baths or resting to take the weight off the feet. In fact, the first thing that hits the ground when you take a step is your heel, which is why many people experience heel pain. 

English: Photograph of a man massaging a woman...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can I relieve my aching feet? 
You have recourses to test when your feet are aching.  Like maybe a hot bath if you have one. Foot soakers are available as well. The foot soakers allow you to soak your feet. Some of the foot soakers have massagers as well so you can get a foot massage while you are soaking your tried feet. You can let your feet rest as long as you want to or until they feel better. Once your feet feel better, you will also feel better.

Where can I get the foot massagers?
You can find food massagers nearly anywhere that sells items to relieve stress. Depending how much money you want to pay, however you can find Bubble Jet Foot Massagers at most department stores for around $20. It depends on the type you choose; yet, some have heating elements that helps massage your feet.

You will find foot massagers with tuning bars built inside of it to rest your feet on while the massagers works them. 

If you are having, problems with deciding what one to get for you so that you can pamper yourself, then check out the resources online. Go on the Internet, check out some web sites, and have them send you some information on these feet massagers.

 Most of the time, you will find CDs as well as videos to help you to decide what kind are the best for you. There are lotions and oils to get if you want to just have some one do it for you or even you do it for yourself. It will feel better if someone else does it for you. Just put a little lotion or oil on the feet and rub it. You will feel so much better.

 In addition, unbelievably once your feet stop hurting you will feel like a new person inside as well as out. Try it and see what you think and make sure you enjoy your foot massager. The massagers are great. It will make a big difference on the way your feet feel and that will make you feel better. 

There are all kinds of oils and lotion that you can get at your local stores like the family dollar or even Wal-Mart if you cant find nothing there you might want to try the bath and body works in the mall in your area. You will need to rub your feet down with lotion or something when you are finished with the foot soak. This will add the finish touch to the whole massage.

Some foot massagers have rub pads, which helps you to remove dead skin after massage. You have many options to choose from, so go online to check out the foot massagers that guide you to relaxation. 

Friday, June 23, 2017


English: A stylized Reiki symbol
A stylized Reiki symbol 
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does Reiki work for everyone?   

Reiki will only work to the degree that the person's higher self will let it work.  

If the person is open and willing, the Reiki will flow an go straight where it is needed.  If the person's higher self doesn't accept it, the Reiki cannot get in.  Sometimes when people are getting ready to die, Reiki can be a wonderful peaceful way to the spirit realm.  Healing doesn't just mean to cure, but the healing of the person's spirit and a return to wholeness.  

Who can give Reiki treatments?   

Any practitioners that are Reiki II and higher.  Reiki III and Reiki Master have more advanced techniques that they learn to help different groups of people.  If your practitioner is Reiki II, they will be able to help as good as a Reiki Master for general treatments.  What is distance treatment?  

These are treatments sent over long distances for healing when the practitioner cannot  travel to where the patient is.  For instance, an American practitioner may send healing to someone in Australia.  Again, all you need is the intent for it to be sent.  Draw your distance symbol and send the loving energy to whoever needs it.  

There are may Reiki groups that sent healing t the earth itself after the tornadoes and tsunamis hit the coast of many countries.  You can even send healing into the future for yourself or others.  There is no limit on the good you can accomplish.  

How do you get a treatment?   

Look in the phone book and locate a practitioner and ask about their credentials.  Treatments usually run between $35 and $60.  Some of the practitioners may do distance sessions if you cannot get to their office.  They will include a note to tell you anything they picked up while sending the treatment.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Reiki written in Shinjitai Japanese.
Reiki written in Shinjitai Japanese. 
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is Reiki energy?   Reiki energy is known as the Universal Life Force.  It is also know as Ki, Qi, or Chi in different parts of China.  It is taught to us by the Reki Masters.  We learn how to channel it after being attuned.  Then we go forth and share it with other people.  

What does the Reiki energy feel like?   For different people, it will feel like different things.  

Some have a spinning experience, some see bright colors, some have beautiful visions, and some feel nothing at all.  They may also experience a warmth or a tingle depending on where the practitioner is.  
How does a Reiki treatment work?   The practitioner starts the treatment at the crown chakra and go all the way down to the root chakra, opening any chakras that are blocked.  Then they do each elbow and knee and them you flip over and they work on your back chakras.  

After they have opened all of these, you will flip one more time onto your back while they anchor in your affirmation and give thanks to you for letting them treat you.  

How does Reiki energy know where to go?   If you have a specific pain, the practitioner will still treat the entire body.  

If the Reiki is needed in one certain place, it will flow to that area.  Your higher self knows where it needs healing and will direct the Reiki to go there.  If the higher self decides it doesn't want the Reiki, it will block it from entering the body.  

When is Reiki effective?   Reiki is good for almost any injury.  

While you are waiting for the ambulance, give the person some Reiki.  Before they go into surgery and when they come out, give some.  There are many instances where Reiki from the beginning of an injury or illness can really cut down on how much time it may take to heal.  But, even if start Reiki in the middle, the energy knows where it is needed and goes to work in that area.