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Monday, September 4, 2017

Experience the Ancient World With a TRIBAL TATTOO

English: A tribal tattoo design by Skyler Reep.
A tribal tattoo design by Skyler Reep.
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Though it has become very popular in Western Cultures in the past few years, native people groups around the world have used the tribal tattoo for various purposes for thousands of years.

A brief history of these uses will give people who may want a tribal tattoo a better idea of exactly what they want in a tattoo. More than just designs, these tribal symbols are often fraught with meaning and can signify many different aspects of human life.

While there are many different cultures that provide the basis for tribal tattoos, we will look at just a few of them here in order to develop a basic understanding of the most popular types.

The first style is found in ancient Egypt. Tattoos of hieroglyphics have become increasingly popular as people are choosing to tattoo themselves with symbols that may be very meaningful to them, but that they want to remain rather cryptic to others.

In addition to hieroglyphs, the ancient Egyptians used tattoos to depict religious scenes. Creatures that were half animal and half human represented the Egyptian gods and their beliefs about the afterlife.

Another form of tribal tattooing is found in Asia. A henna tattoo was used in many Hindu cultures to decorate a bride's body for her husband. This practice has become increasingly popular in recent years throughout Western cultures.

While not necessarily used as a wedding adornment, henna tattoos have found a place in gothic subculture as a means of decorating the body.

These tribal patterns are considered works of art by themselves and each one is to be a unique creation of the tattoo artist's abilities and vision.

Native Americans tribal designs have also found popularity in recent years. They are often abstract creations that denote an emotion. Power, peace, wisdom and authority are subtly portrayed in these tattoos.

Men typically get these designs wrapped around their upper arm, or they may have them wrap from their back, over their shoulder and down onto their arm.

Women will typically have these Native American body art designs placed in the small of their back, or on a shoulder.

Regardless, of the location or the origin, the popularity of tribal tattoo designs shows that people are open to listening and learning from the wisdom and traditions of other cultures.

Often, people who choose to get a tribal body art are trying to express an emotion or a message that they are unable to do with words or a common image. The tribal tattoo design sets apart the message as being something special, unique and important.