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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Can ACUPUNCTURE Remove My Wrinkles?

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All of us are fighting against a common foe, that of aging and all of the problems that it brings along with it.  For some of us, it brings along problems that we need to fight on a continuous basis in the form of disease or decreased energy.  For others, it may be a matter of the effects of aging showing on our face and other areas of our body.  People will spend an unusual amount of money in order to make themselves look young again.  Not only do they spend a lot of money, they may also take risks with their health in order to remove wrinkles.

Some of the most popular forms of facelifts include chemical peels, surgery, and microdermabrasion.  All of these are invasive and can damage our skin in order to make it look better.  This has sparked an interest in natural health as a way to remove some of the wrinkles from our face, specifically through the use of acupuncture as a facelift.  Is acupuncture actually able to help remove wrinkles from our face and to make us look young again?  The answer may surprise you.

First of all, it's important for us to explain that acupuncture is not and never will be the same as a facelift.  This is because treatment through acupuncture is natural and not invasive in any way.  The only thing that is invasive about acupuncture are the needles that are used and they hardly even damage your skin at all.  Regardless of the actual term, however, many people have experienced great benefits with their skin through the use of acupuncture.  This is for several different reasons.

Some doctors will use acupuncture directly on the wrinkles in order to stimulate the skin to grow and to heal.  Going deeper than that, however, acupuncture actually promotes the free flow of energy throughout the body which can make you feel and look better from the inside out.  Whenever you are glowing and youthful as a result of your acupuncture treatments, the effects will be plain to see on the outside as well.

Although acupuncture cannot remove all of the wrinkles from your face, it is one step toward a more natural, healthy you.  By keeping your body in balance and maintaining that balance, you will take a chunk out of the aging process that will show to everyone that looks.

Monday, October 16, 2017


Facial acupuncture
Acupuncture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Looking beautiful both inside and out is something we all want to achieve. Since your face is ridden with emotion and hormonal issues, you have to take care of it. Fortunately, there is a technique that can do that using painless mini needles and this is better known as facial acupuncture.

Facial acupuncture is a painless procedure that renews not only the face but the body as well. This is because it can erase lines and eye bags making you look younger. At the same time, it can also help clear up pimples and acne.

For this to work, fine needles are placed in acupuncture points on the eyes, face, and neck to stimulate the person’s natural energies. As a result, this also improves your facial color.

Anyone can try facial acupuncture because it is painless and it has proven to reverse the signs of aging. However, if you are pregnant, suffer from the colds or flu, have acute herpes or an allergic reaction, it is best to wait until this has passed.

But before anyone can try facial acupuncture, they first have to be evaluated by the acupuncturist. This person will evaluate your age, lifestyle, and diet. If everything looks good, then you will probably do an average of about 12 to 15 treatments. More could be done if your skin tends to sag, manifest jowls or have droopy eyes treatment needs to be done twice a week for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. For those who can’t make two sessions in a week, they can opt for the 1 treatment that will last 90 minutes.

After the regular sessions, it is advisable to go back for follow up treatment. It should be every 2 weeks for the next 2 months and then once a month later on.

Aside from needles, most clinics use herbs in the form of masks, poultices, and moisturizers. Before you use it, check with your doctor to make sure there is no allergic reaction to any forms of medication that you are taking.

After the first facial acupuncture treatment, you will usually see an increased glow to one’s complexion which the Chinese say an increased Qi or blood flow to the face. It becomes more open, the wrinkles start to disappear and the skin appears more toned.

In the 5th or 7th treatment, this becomes more evident as your face looks more relaxed as though you just came from a vacation.

The end result is that you will look and feel 5 to 15 years younger but of course, this depends on how well the patient has taken care of themselves outside the confines of the clinic.

To sum things up, facial acupuncture can do for you. It can eliminate fine lines and reduces wrinkles, improve your overall facial color and add luster to the skin, relaxes tension in the face and furrows in the brow, brightens the eyes and reduce dark circles and puffiness, improve muscle tone for sagging skin, enhance your natural radiance in the skin and eyes, slow the aging process within, promotes overall health and well being as well as relaxes and revitalizes the entire body.

All you have to now is find a clinic that offers this service to customers so you will soon look radiant to other people.