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Friday, April 6, 2018

The most terrifying archaeological MYSTERIOUS DISCOVERIES

Mummified head of Thutmose II
Mummified head of Thutmose II
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Screaming mummies:

During 1886, Gaston Maspero was unfolding the mummies from their sarcophagi and while doing so, Gaston discovered that the head and the feet of the Corpse were bound for quiet few unspeakable reasons. He then gradually looked up and found them screaming and those undead faces were looking directly at him from the back. As the coverings were strange, the bound hands of the mummy and the tortured expression theorized that the body was poisoned and then buried deep in the earth to make it die. When the body is set to be mummified, the jaws should be strapped shut or else it will open naturally during the decaying process and will start screaming permanently. And this is the reason for the discovering of many mummies in the different digs of the world.

The Mass Grave of the Headless Vikings:

The Archaeologists while digging the sides of the old roadway at Dorset unearthed some strange things. They discovered the mass graves which were headless and these were said to be the remains of the 54 Viking mercenary. The archaeologists started to read and study carefully the bones positioning and recorded it, while doing so they noticed some unusual thing it is placed, the arm bones, legs, head, torso and few other parts were all arranged neatly into a separate pile. The theory behind this is that the Viking that was found in the Hellraiser form unleashed a host of the cenobites of the Middle Ages. The Archaeologists have got a substantial theory behind this, they say that the assailants were murdered by themselves and then the corpses were stripped naked by the villagers and then shaved off the heads, buried them as a fun time souvenir. However later the archaeologists modified their findings and said that these bodies would have been sacrificed ritually and in a highly controlled manner, but however, this doesn’t go right with the observed surroundings. 

The Tomb of the sunken Skulls:

The archaeologists in 2009, while excavating the dry prehistoric lake bed at Motala (Sweden), were stunned to see the foundation of some mysterious structures of stone, which was sealed from the bottom of the ancient lake. Instead of turning away to run, they started to dig further and then eventually were able to unearth some mysterious structures like the stone tools, animal bones and the age-old 8000 years old skulls of ten people. All the skulls were of the children, middle-aged people, and elderly people. They even found the eleventh skull which was buried deep in the bottom lakes mud.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The most MYTHICAL CREATURES – A Myth or a Mystery

Ye Old Tales:

English: Brick relief depicting a pair of myth...
Brick relief depicting a pair of mythical creatures
(Photo credit: 

It is believed that the tallest and powerful giants like the Albion were the first people who were said to be tall, but they extricated due to the arrival of the Brutus. The Giants were people who were taller than the normal human beings by one foot. But this isn’t a big deal, as there are strange mythical creatures in the history of the globe which needs to be rediscovered. Some facts that are revealed are that the Afnac of the Wales were so huge that they created the floods by merely swinging their beaver tails. The gigantic Jinshin Mushi was the reason for the production of Earthquake and the pan-gu were the creators of the world. The scientist has got a different perspective for this and treated as a myth, but still, this personification has helped the people to understand the world better. Even the missing Russian spacecraft is said to have to be eaten away by the Galactic Ghoul. The Banshee began to get low interest as the religious believe changed and hence were considered as a mere ancient deity.

The Bones of the Earth:

Many of the mythical creatures or specimens have gone against the law of science. For example, the dragon which is like a beast and weighs a heavy body mass will not be able to fly. But comparatively, the ostrich which is small to the dragon can fly, this is the thing which we know as of now, but the historical evidence state a different story. They have evidence that the huge mythical creature sprang upon while its skeleton was discovered. Many of the mountains were seen with the long skeletal structures of fish, so it is stated that the long fish would have flown over to the mountains. The Archaeologists as of now speculate saying that the body of the sea creatures would have sunk inside the seabed and that over a period of time these seabeds would have washed away and grew to become a mountain. The Skeletons found in the Archaeopteryx state that the dinosaurs had wings. The skull of the rhino was said to be the Cyclops. Some mythical creatures like the Basilosaurus and Neanderthals were apparently extinct, however, they are assumed to be surviving as the Bigfoot and Tsiatko respectively.

Some Mutated Species:

Few of the mutated species unexplored say that the dogs were seen with 6 legs that traveled in the mountains. Even the human beings were not made a perfect creature by the God, as the babies of the west were born with some deformity.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

MYSTERIES: The Most Perplexing Mysteries ever found in the Geology

It is seen in the animation pictures and cartoon channels, the animals coming out of the capsules and talking something funny to entertain the audience. Well, this isn’t a reality. But history has some mysterious thing in its store to provide us more information of some of the animals that were sealed in the stones. Some of the small and tiny animals are inexplicably found inside the solid rocks and that too alive. The amphibious enigma encased inside is still a great mystery. Some astonishing and Mysterious Cases of animals in sealed stones are: 

Frog Bones
Frog Bones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • The Toad inside a stone: Ambroise Pare in 1761 had stated a note in his annual registrar that while his workers were working on breaking of some huge rocks and stones in Meudon village, they had found a huge toad with full life on it, but however it was lacking its aperture. Toads like this were found in many while the rocks and stones were broken. Many such tiny creatures were found by the laborers inside the huge stone blocks.
  • Toad inside the limestone: During 1865, while the excavators were working with the magnesium limestone blocks at Hartlepool in England, they found some live toad inside the limestone. This stone was taken out from 25 feet below the ground level. This big toad presented an appearance of having been cast and had an unusual brilliant shining eye. This toad was fully vivacious as it was liberated. It even made some sounds while it was being touched; although it had some problem is respiration. On a research made it was found out that the toad’s mouth was fully closed while the noise came through its nostrils. It had its forefeet claws bent inwards and the hind ones were amazingly lengthy than the normal. It was initially discovered with a pale color look but gradually turned to a darker shade and then became completely olive brown later.
  • Lizards: During 1821, a stone mason David Virtue while working over a huge road chunk which was 22 feet beneath the surface had found a Lizard embedded within the stone. This reptile was coiled in a round cavity and measures an inch and quarter. It looked brownish yellow and it head was round with shiny and bright sparkling eyes. While finding it showed no signs of life, but within five minutes of getting exposed to air, it started to move about with great celerity.

Monday, August 14, 2017

MYSTERIES: Temple of Jupiter – Optimus Maximus

City of Rome during time of republic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia
The Temple of Jupiter is the important temple from the Ancient Rome that was founded to honor the Arch-God Capitoline Triad, Juno, Minerva and Jupiter during 509 BC. This is situated in the peaks of Capitoline hill. Tarquinius Priscus who reigned during the 616 to 578 BC is said to have consecrated this temple of Jupiter, but according to traditions it is assumed that the major construction work of the Temple was done by Tarquinius Superbus.

Model - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Archaeologists have reconstructed this temple and given the rectangular Greek appearance with the few traces which remained. At some locations one can have a look at the remnants of the Roman feature (podium). On every year beginning that is on the 1st of January the new elected consuls take the offices with a colorful ceremony. The white sheep is sacrificed to the God Jupiter on every month of Ides. There will also be a special annual festival at the temple during the special ides in September. 

In this festival there will be a huge banquet for the Romans wherein the 3 Gods statues participate. It got burnt during the 83 BC and the remains can be seen even today over and across the Conservators palace.