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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is the BOOK OF SHADOWS an Encyclopedia of Evil?

Many people in all parts of the world believe in the power of magic. In fact, some even practice a certain kind of magic or witchcraft as a daily ritual. Now, you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions because things may not be as you assume. I think that far too many people make assumptions about things they don't know and understand. We could do well with out this human quality. If people would have simply taken some time to investigate and understand things better, then many deaths could have been prevented in the past.

Pages of the Book of Shadows.
Pages of the Book of Shadows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Anyway, let's go ahead and focus on the present and future. A text entitled the "Book of Shadows" that may aid you in this process. Of course, it all depends on what it is you're open to. Children always seem to ask adults a lot of questions that are difficult to answer. The answers to these questions may lie in a school text book, in the Bible, and other times they may be discovered in the Book of Shadows.

A few individuals in Salem, Oregon harbor a serious interest in the Book of Shadows. This book is regarded as an incomparable piece of literature by these people. To be honest, I had never read this mysterious book. I recall the sequel to "The Blair Witch Project" when I think Book of Shadows. Have you seen this movie? If you haven’t, then let me inform you that it was a step up from the original.

The first movie was basically a bad home video that everyone got all hyped up about. I think that it was utterly ridiculous. There were more shots of the dark ground than anything else. Many glib individuals actually thought it was real. It was real, and yet the cast were at the movie awards. In my opinion, the second one was more like a real scary movie than the original.

You'll enjoy checking out the Book of Shadows if you wish to dabble in witch craft, sorcery or black magic. You an easily access this book by getting on the web. These days, there are tons of books online that you can check out. See if you like the Book of Shadows first before you buy it.