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Thursday, June 8, 2017

CHINESE HERBS - Are either Beneficial for Psoriasis and Heart or not?

Psoriasis of the back.
Psoriasis of the back.
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Various diseases exist throughout the world which do not have a specific cure procedures or definite medications. Rather many alternative therapies are used to lower the effect of the symptoms and relieve the pain resulting from them. Chinese herbs are one of the many herbal medicines that are used for the similar procedure. 

Over the years the use of these herbs has increased to treat Psoriasis and nourish up a healthy heart. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that results in thickening of the skin along with redness and scaling as well. In this condition, the cells in the outer layer multiply very rapidly, causing the thickness of the skin. Furthermore they stick to one another more strongly and for longer period than the normal cells do thus resulting in the scaling of the skin. The redness and scaling of the skin depends upon the part of the skin involved. 

The Chinese herbs help the patients by reducing the symptoms of the disease which encourages them to continue the medication course. The diagnosis outline of the herbs which is carried out by a professional doctor, also known as “Heat in the Blood”, is focused on the redness of the skin. The doctor first determines the main pathology of the said condition so that the diagnosis and treatment are in order and the side-effects can be avoided as much as possible.

Moreover, the doctor observes the features of the scales and patches as the patients are treated individually and the condition of the disease varies between being mild or severe amongst a group of affected ones. Though the herbs are easily available with description on web, it is recommended to consult a good doctor to ensure
maximum treatment rather than using them on your own.

Besides, in case of healthy heart, the laboratory tests carried out in many countries indicate that the herbal formulas used in Chinese medications help in the large production of nitric oxide which generates relaxation in our blood vessels. This consequence allows the blood to flow more easily through the entire circulatory system. Also nitric oxide helps prevent blood clots and plaque from clogging the arteries whilst also keeping the blood pressure in check and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

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