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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

High BLOOD PRESSURE (Hypertension)

For controlling your hypertension, there are two effective yoga exercises that help lower the blood pressure:

Inverted yoga reverses the action of gravity on the body. The most profound changes brought about by Inverted Yoga is in circulation. In inverted poses, legs and abdomen are placed higher than the heart.

Lengthening up through the legs and keep them very active so your spine opens and the entire body actively involved in the pose.

One of the reasons for this is simply because the force of gravity is reversed and venous return becomes significantly greater.

Normally, the muscles of the calf and other skeletal muscles in the lower extremities must contract in order to pump unoxygenated blood and waste back to the heart through the veins.

In inverted poses, gravity causes the blood to flow easily back through the veins and this brings the blood pressure in the feet to a minimum. This in effect gives skeletal muscles a chance to rest.

In Inverted poses, drainage of blood and waste from the lower body back to the heart is increased and disorders such as varicose veins and swollen ankles are relieved.

It's time to learn about breathing because inhaling and exhaling have the power to nourish the body and calm the mind.

Not just any old breathing will do. If you're like most people, you take shallow breaths, pull in your stomach when you inhale and never empty your lungs of carbon dioxide when you exhale.

Here's the physiological explanation: Long, slow breaths are more efficient than short, fast ones.

To take in a good breath, your lungs must first be basically empty. Thus the key to efficient breathing lies in exhaling completely. A full exhalation begins with the upper chest, proceeds to the middle chest and finishes with tightening the abdominal muscles.

Only after a good exhalation can you draw in a good lungful of the oxygen-rich air your blood needs for nourishing cells.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Controlling High BLOOD PRESSURE Is The Easiest Thing To Do

English: Measuring blood pressure at home with...
Measuring blood pressure at home with an electronic meter.
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Controlling blood pressure is the easiest thing to do, provided you know the fundamentals. It has to do much with your eating and drinking habits.

Look into the mirror. Do not see only your face. Look at your entire figure. There lies your future. How long do you think your body can go on accepting all that you stuff in, without applying any thought, just because of your taste-buds like it? Do you know that overweight people have a higher chance of suffering from a stroke? Do you check your weight at regular intervals?

When you saw the weighing machine marking a fat gain of 16 pounds within a period of two months, why did you simply ignore it? It should have shocked you into action. The least you can do is find out what your weight is now and what your weight should be!

You need to be careful about what you eat as it is directly and proportionately related to your blood pressure. I agree that ‘one has to be true to the salt,’ but this does not hold true for you. You have to cut down on your intake of salt drastically before your doctor tells you - no more salt! Avoid salty, and fried food. Adopt a diet that is low in saturated fat.

Two local remedies well known, to control high blood pressure are buttermilk and lemon. Take buttermilk regularly. It is good for both - low as well as high blood pressure. Lemon peel is also equally effective in high blood pressure. A shredded lemon peel may be added to soups and stews or sprinkled over your salads.

And tell me, have you stopped drinking or are you still contemplating the decision? If you have already made that decision, then let me congratulate you. But, if you think that you can not do it all at once, reduce the intake of alcohol. Just take a drink a day. If you are already under the watchful care of your family doctor, please follow their instructions sincerely. Let there be no holidays for the medicine and please keep sufficient stock in advance. If your doctor has called you this Sunday for a check-up, then make sure that you reach there this Sunday itself and not, the next Monday.

Also, the doctor must have given you certain indications about the schedule of exercise that is necessary for you, such as, morning walk, light stretching exercises or light aerobics. Follow the schedule strictly. Your doctor treats hundreds of patients like you every day. He has more practical wisdom about high blood pressure than you. Go as per his advice and understand his treatments.

Regular check-up of blood pressure is a must. You need to have such an arrangement at your home. Charts of your regular checkups will help your doctor tremendously in treating you. Let all the members of your family, your wife, and your children go for the check-up, along with you, even if they do not have this ailment.

If you are taking basic precautions like controlling your diet and doing proper exercises - keep aside all imaginary worries and live a normal, relaxed life!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

High Blood Pressure and Natural Cure of High BLOOD PRESSURE

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in your artery. Blood pressure is deliberate in millimeters of mercury. Your blood pressure is recorded as two in order. For instance, 150/95 mmHg. This is thought as '150 over 95'.

High blood pressure is one of numerous 'risk factors' that can add to your chance of rising heart disease, a stroke, and other grave circumstances. As a law, the senior the blood pressure, the better the danger. Treatment includes a change in lifestyle risk factor where these can be better - losing heaviness if you are overweight, usual physical action, a fat diet, cutting rear if you swallow a lot of alcohol, stop smoking, and a short salt and caffeine intake. If wanted, medicine can lower blood pressure.

Risk Factor by High Blood Pressure

a. Hypertension.
b. High cholesterol blood height.
c. High triglyceride blood height.
d. Diabetes.
e. Kidney disease that involves kidney purpose.

Image from page 141 of "Principles of electro-medicine, electrosurgery and radiology : a practical treatise for students and practitioners. With chapters on mechanical vibration and blood pressure technique" (1917)
Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Subsequent are the main cause of high blood pressure:

a. strain and eventful life style
b. smoke and consumption alcohol
c. extreme drinking of tea, coffee, and refined foods
d. harden of the artery
e. Diseases like fatness and diabetes
f. extreme eating of ordinary salt
g. High-fat diet

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Subsequent are the main symptoms of high blood pressure:

I. extreme sweeten
II. Red eyes
III. blazing feelings
IV. dizziness and faintness
V. sickness and sickness feelings
VI. ache at the reverse of the head and neck
VII. the ache in the county of the heart

Diet for High Blood Pressure


People with high blood pressure be supposed to not swallow alcohol. While study have established that low levels of alcohol consumption can have defensive belongings for the heart, and can perhaps decrease the danger of rising high blood pressure


In several people, eating too a lot salt can make high blood pressure greatly worse. In others, the matching salt eating may have no result. The difficulty is that no doctor or scientist can inform which the case is for a creature patient awaiting it is also tardy.

This joint with the information that also a lot salt is awful for the heart anyway of blood pressure rank, income that abridged sodium is a powerfully optional part of a fit diet.


Soaked fat, particularly trans fats, are bad for together the heart and blood vessels. Since the circulatory system is previously under a bundle of strain in the location of high blood pressure, additional tension can be shocking.

Treatment to Avoid High Blood Pressure

a. subsequent a fit eating pattern
b. achieve and maintain a fit weight
c. sinking salt and sodium in your diet
d. exercise and being lively frequently
e. boundary the use of alcohol
f. eliminate a smoke habit

Home Remedies to Get Relief from High Blood Pressure

a. Garlic is recognized as one of the majority effectual remedies in lower the blood pressure.
b. Press semi a lemon in 100-150 grams of water and drink it each two hours for instant release.
c. Watermelon is defending next to hypertension.
d. get one teaspoonful of fenugreek seeds morning and evening with an unfilled stomach for 20-25 days with water.
e. One or two pieces of garlic rolls in raisin lower blood pressure.
f. Take four foliage of Tulsi and two leaves of Neem with 3-4 teaspoonfuls of water, unfilled belly for 6-7 days.
g. Get new papayas every day on an unfilled stomach for a month frequently to reduce hypertension.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lowering blood pressure with the help of ACUPUNCTURE

English: Blood pressure measurement.
Blood pressure measurement. 

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doctors and scientists from the Irvine university of California have recently discovered a new method of lowering blood pressure. This method is based on electroacupuncture, which seems to have a significant effect in lowering blood pressure. The method has been tested on rats, by inducing low electric stimulation at the front of their legs, and their blood's pressure after the treatment was 40 percent lower than before(their blood pressure had been artificially increased before). This opens new doors for hypertension treatment, maybe it will even replace the traditional medical treatments with this ancient method.

These are all the methods that were tested :  

Needles were inserted into:
-pericardium 5-6, and they were rotated every 10 to thirty minutes. While this procedure was performed, the rats' blood pressure was being raised by doctors.
-the rats' forelimbs, without any stimulation or twist, for 30 minutes.

Also, the pericardium 5-6 was electrically stimulated with frequencies ranging from 2 to 100 hertz.

During these tests the changes in blood pressure were continuously monitored, and the results carefully recorded. The most successful in lowering blood pressure were those tests which involved manual and electrical acupuncture, which had serious effects in lowering blood pressure, lasting up to one hour, and ranging from 33 to 36 percent. The best results were recorded at the rats which had been stimulated by electroacupuncture, especially at those treated at the electroacupuncture frequency of 2 hertz.

However, the best results were recorded at the rats stimulated at the heart (6-7) and stomach (36-37). Their blood pressure was lowered up to 44 percent for the heart stimulation, and 36 percent for the stomach.

An important observation that doctors made was that this electroacupuncture treatment can only lower blood pressure for the hypertensive people, it has no effect for healthy people.

We can only that these treatments involving acupuncture will soon be available to everyone, because they represent a very good way to lower blood pressure