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Thursday, May 31, 2018

CELTIC Otherworld and the Legend of KING ARTHUR

The Round Table experience a vision of the Hol...
The Round Table experience a vision of the Holy Grail. From a 15th century French manuscript. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A general description of the Celtic Otherworld
Many of the Celtic myths and stories are related to the otherworld. These are 'magical' worlds that exist in different dimensions inhabited by numerous 'other beings'. The dimensions include the worlds of faeries and dragons, the land of the dead and many other entities such as demons and gods.

The otherworld was not some distant world that was considered inaccessible but was believed by the ancient Celts to be a dimension that was parallel to that of earth's and could be entered into at any time or place. Those that entered these worlds are believed to be exposed to a wealth of knowledge - especially so to those who are seekers of truth, poets, and philosophers.

Portals existed in specific places where entry could be made but was also protected by powerful otherworld magic to prevent unauthorized entry. These words were also known to exist on subterranean levels and could be entered through portals in caves, hills or mountains.

The extent of the otherworld is too vast for the mortal mind to comprehend. It was generally accepted that the invisible inhabitants live in many magical kingdoms and regions and only privileged mortals were allowed to enter these realms. It is also well known that time has no effect on the people of the underworld as they remain young and do not age.

King Arthur - a beautiful tale, a mortal strongly connected to the otherworld
One of the most beloved tales of the ancient Celts is that of the magnificent King Arthur. Arthur was the son of the High King Ambrosius Aurelius and was given to Merlin the Druid soon after he was born. He was raised and trained by the magician and educated about the otherworld. As a young man Arthur successfully removed a magical sword that was lodged in a stone and became king. This sword, which was called Excalibur, was originally the possession of "The Lady of the Lake" - which was otherworldly.

Lady of the Lake Legend
The domain of this lady was known as the Isle of Avalon. Famous knights like Lancelot and Bors were raised in the Lady's underwater palace. Lancelot became known as Lancelot du Lac (of the lake). The Lady of the Lake, Niniane, eventually caused the death of Merlin the wizard by sealing him in a rock. Merlin has foreseen this happening but was so in love with the lady that he ignored his vision. Merlin taught Niniane many lessons in sorcery and in return wanted her to return his love. This ended in tragedy as he paid with his life.

King Arthur became the most famous and just ruler of Camelot and with Excalibur and his faithful Knights of the Round Table, he won many battles. His downfall came when his favorite warrior and most trusted companion, Lancelot du Lac, had an illicit affair with his wife Guinevere. In the Lancelot story, he left Camelot and went on the holy grail quest. This he undertook in an attempt to cleanse himself of the sins of adultery.

The Holy Grail is the cup that was used by Jesus in the last supper. It was also used to catch His blood while hanging wounded on the cross. According to legend, Sir Lancelot du Lac was one of the first Knights of the Round Table to become a Christian. He never obtained the Holy Grail but his son, Sir Galahad had much better success.

Known places of the location of the Otherworld
The island of Ireland has many places where the Otherworld can be reached. The island was said to be inhabited by a group that called themselves "People of the Sidh". They were also known as "Fairy Fort". This fort was a subterranean area that was hidden from the outside world by powerful magic. The province of Munster is said to be the location where the otherworld can be entered.