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Monday, June 25, 2018

13 Steps to RUNE POWER

Olaus Magnus shows here the rune alphabet used...
Olaus Magnus shows here the rune alphabet used in Sweden of the Geats and also of the Swedes. The author uses the designation “Alphabetum Gothicum”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are 13 steps to be understood and practiced before you can use the full effects of Rune Power.

1. Runes are universal creative energies. Each rune is a key to a creative energy. Example: Rune FA = wealth, Rune Ur = Health, Rune Thorn = protection, etc.

2. We are now in the Age of Aquarius which means we are in an entirely new S.T.E.M. (space, time, energy, matter) continuum, in the galaxy.

3. This new age has given us a new paradigm to work with. This paradigm is based on the Laws of Quantum Physics.

4. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean where everything that ever was, is or will exist.

5. The Runes and the gods/goddesses of the North exist there and have always existed there.

6. We can contact and transfer the energies of the Quantum ocean with our thoughts, symbols, and rituals.

7. Since thoughts are things we have literally 'thought' ourselves into our present reality. To change our present place we need to change our thoughts.

8. The purpose of the 21st century, Age of Aquarius Rune Shaman, Rune Wizard and Rune Sorcerer is to go to the Quantum Ocean and bring the energies of the Runes and the gods/goddesses into the now. Bring their energies and power into the present. Do not go back and live in the past with them.

9. The matrix of the playing field that the present day Rune Shaman, Sorcerers and Wizard must use is the Mind.

10. We are all in the Age of The Mind. All creations that we see all around us, religion, churches, politics, schools, technology, monuments, books, etc were first created in some one's mind.

11. Now you as a Rune Shaman, Wizard, Sorcerer can use your mind to bring the energies of the runes and god/goddess of the North out of the Quantum Ocean and create new structures for them. Modern-day structures.

12. The tools that you will use to do this are the power of the runes. Bring this Rune Power into your aura, life, and home. Protect your home by tiling it with runes.

13. Mentally contact the helpers you need, both physical and non-physical to aid you.

We can do this together. We can revitalize the energies of the Runes and our Northern European Culture, not by going back to the past, as many of the rune and Asatru books tell us, but by bringing the power of the past into the now.