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Sunday, August 23, 2020


The Reiki Distance Healing symbol Honshazeshon...
The Reiki Distance Healing symbol Honshazeshonen also spelled Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and abbreviated HSZSN. 

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In a stressed out world like what we have today, more and more people are opting for other treatments other than using medications to help them achieve a more stable level of thinking and emotions. This is because they have noticed that the more they depend on medication and treatments related to it, the more they feel weak, stressed out, and sick.

So, instead of suffering from the side effects of various medications, many people opt for a more traditional treatment such as Reiki healing.

Founded on the significant benefits of the human touch, Reiki healing is preferred by more and more people especially those who are suffering from terminal cases and illnesses-because it provides a more "human" approach to healing. Since it is more soothing and comforting that the number of apparatus that are used in various hospitals and medical centers, Reiki healing has become an option to people who are tired of relying on medical treatments.

What sets this alternative therapy from the modern form of healing today is the more "human" feel into it. Many people prefer this because it lessens the depression they feel brought the illness or emotional pains knowing that a person/people understand what are they going through.

How Reiki healing works

Reiki healing works through the use of the never-ending cycle of love energy in people. Reiki healing utilizes the innate life force energy flowing in each individual and converts it into a more productive energy force.

Transferred from one person to another, this life energy force can heal a person's emotional imbalance, heals the dying spirit, and calms the mind. If it cannot be channeled from one person to another during a Reiki class, an individual can also use it alone especially if there's a great need to boost a person's morale or spirit.

Reiki healing can be a perfect key in solving people's personal predicaments if only they give it a try. Unlike modern medications that can cost so much money along with numerous side effects, Reiki healing would not rob you off so much money especially if you have mastered it for yourself.

The only expenses you'll be needing to achieve the benefits of Reiki healing is the fee for enrolment in a Reiki class and references such as magazines and books for practicing Reiki.

For Reiki healing to work properly and effectively, a person must first be able to achieve a higher will. When a person has a high will, it can enable somebody to set aside his or her self-centered intentions. Once this is done, a person can experience a blissful encounter with his or herself and can share this wonderful feeling of healing and contentment with other people.

Reiki healing can also be more effective when a person can channel or transfer his or her energy to those people in need. Once a person can do this, he or she will be accredited to a higher level, which can enable him or her to achieve peacefulness, calmness, and optimism in life.

In Reiki healing, the life force energy is channeled or transferred from one person to another through attunement. Usually takes place in Reiki classes and supervised by a Reiki master, this transfer of life force energy is remotely done to ensure its success.

Aside from healing a person's spirit, Reiki also helps a person to balance his or her priorities in life to achieve a more relaxed and content life.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Opening The CHAKRAS

English: Sahasrara chakra
Sahasrara chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you don't want to go to a Reiki Master to get assistance with opening your chakras, there are some meditations (sometimes called Mudras) that you can try at home.  They have special hand positions, and the power to send more energy to the ailing chakra.

The sounds are chanted three to four times as you do a meditation for eight to ten breaths.  To open the Root chakra, the tips of your thumb and index finger should touch on both hands.  Concentrate on the base of the spine.  Chant the LAM sound.  To open the Sacral chakra, place your hands in your lap on top of each other with the palms up.  The left hand should be under the right.  The tips of the thumbs should be touching.  Concentrating on the sacral bone in the back, chant the VAM sound.

To open the Solar Plexus chakra, place your hands in front of your stomach, below the ribcage.  The fingers should join at the top, and point away from you.  Cross the thumbs and straighten the fingers.  Concentrate on the Solar Plexus chakra and chant the RAM sound.  To open the Heart chakra, you must sit cross-legged.  The tips of your index finger and thumbs should be touching on both hands.  Place your left hand on your left knee and the right hand in front of the lowest part of the sternum.

Concentrating on the heart chakra, chant the YAM sound.  To open the Throat chakra, cross your fingers inside your hands, no thumbs.  The thumbs should touch at the top slightly pulled up.  Concentrate on the Throat chakra and chant the HAM sound.  To open the Brow Chakra, place your hands on the lower part of the ribcage.  The middle fingers should be straight with the tops touching, The thumbs point towards you with the tops touching.  Concentrate on the Third Eye chakra and chant the OM sound.

To open the Crown chakra, place your hands near your stomach.  The ring fingers should point upwards.  Cross fingers with the left thumb under the right one.  Concentrate on the Crown chakra while chanting the NG sound.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Rules For REIKI Part 2

English: Sapta Chakra, from a Yoga manuscipt i...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You must learn to trust yourself when you start your practice of Reiki.

Use your intuition to help you know where to go on the body and what you need to do.  Don't question what you are doing, know that you are being guided by what is best for the patient.  It doesn't have to make sense, you just need to do what feels appropriate and comfortable t you.

There are many books out there that cover hand positions and symbols and have many strict rules in them.  Reiki doesn't have to be strict in its approach.  It is the intent of the practitioner that controls the Reiki.

Most practitioners only want to help the patient feel better.  The different hand positions are useful but sometimes are not needed when we are in the moment and being guided by our own intuition.  If something feels right, then it probably is.  There is no wrong way to use Reiki.  

Commit yourself to your practice and keep up with your daily self-healing sessions.  As with most things, whatever you put into Reiki is what you will get out of it.  So practice every day to keep the energy flowing abundantly.  After a couple of weeks, if you miss a treatment, you will find yourself missing the free-flowing energy.

Some practitioners take right off and seem to get everything and do everything right.  Some have t try a little harder.  Just don't try too hard.  In many sessions, even when you are feeling like there is no Reiki and nothing is happening, the patient will speak up and tell you that they feel where you have been.

Trust your abilities.  If you start second-guessing and worrying, the Reiki will get blocked.  So do what comes natural, even if you don't feel anything and see how the patient perceives it instead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Rules For REIKI Part 1

English: Chakra picture produced by AuraStar20...
Photo credit: Wikipedia
Be mindful of everything going on in your life.

Whether you are walking the dog or driving somewhere, become aware of everything that is going on around you.

Live in this moment, the present one.  Don't worry about the next.  This way, we are following Mikao Usui's principles of life to not worry and not anger.  

To keep up your own practice for other people, you must do Reiki to yourself daily.  This keeps the energy flowing and helps keep you unblocked as a practitioner.  After all, if your chakras are blocked, there is no way you can help someone else open theirs.  You will become a better channel of the Universal Life Force and the Reiki energy.  When giving a treatment, don't worry about doing it just right.  Listen to your intuition and go where you feel you are shown.  If you spend a minute on the heart chakra and ten on the throat, that is fine.  Likewise, in another person, if you spent only three on the throat.  Different people will need different chakras open.  When you feel a cold or closed chakra, you know this is where you need to work.

Make sure you have a specific routine for doing the treatment.  Follow it every time you give a Reiki treatment.  Start at the head and go down through all the chakras.  Do both elbow and knee chakra.

There is a rule that what you do to one side must be done to the other as well.  So ensure you have given attention to left and right and back and front.  After you finish, anchor in their affirmation and help them up.  Don't ever work on someone when you are angry or upset.  The Reiki will not flow.  Reiki is a Universal Life Force that is only used with good intent.

If you have bad feelings when you are trying to give a treatment, it will not work.  Always be in a good frame of mind when giving treatments, otherwise, it would behoove you to cancel.

Thursday, August 23, 2018


The Reiki Distance Healing symbol Honshazeshon...
The Reiki Distance Healing symbol Honshazeshonen also spelled Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and abbreviated HSZSN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Reiki is an ancient method of healing that has been used for centuries. Since it's reintroduction in the early 20th century, various methods have been produced and one of them although considered by some as radical is called Feiki Reiki. 

But why is it a radical form of Reiki? This is because the technique not only recharges your energy but it also awakens your senses.  This makes you realize that nothing lies outside ourselves when the power and everything else we need is within us.

We have to tap that power to become better individuals and that can only be done by learning from a master and then improving who we are. 

Regardless of what you choose to use, the purpose of Reiki is still the same. This technique teaches you to use the surrounding energy to heal your body and give you or whoever you are helping inner peace. 

By practicing this regularly, you will be able to clear your body of negative energies that are mental blocks and causes of illness. This keeps you healthy and strong as well as gives your more creativity to flow through your mind. 

One thing that you can't miss even in radical Reiki is a balance. This includes not only physical balance but also for the mind and spirit which gives you time to relax and revitalize your body. 

If you want to learn conventional or radical Reiki, you have to start at level 1 training. The instructor will first teach you about the symbols and then after going through a cleansing period, you may choose to learn the other levels to the point that can even make you become a master. 

There are a few attributes that go with Feiki Reiki. First is the purification that is associated with a pure form of energy. It is often said that this can move into one that causes a higher vibration of energy to move through that person and thus causes healing. The second attribute is being able to transform fear and negative thoughts into an attribute. In short, you face your fears until you are no longer afraid of them. 

Once you have mastered them, you will be able to call on a specific universal energy to help with your healing. 

Feiki Reiki is often online. You can find it by typing this in a search engine or maybe look it up in your local area so you don't have to travel very far to learn this but if you have no choice, you can just opt for distance learning. 

The use of Feiki Reiki is not very common compared to the other forms available. Just the same, its focus is still to help you heal from any emotional, physical or spiritual problem that you or others may have. By using it regularly and making this a part of your daily life, you will realize that it can also serve as a guide. 

After all, life is meaningless without a purpose and this may be the key to help you on your way. So read up on it to find out if Feiki Reiki is the right technique for you. If possible, talk to an instructor. There are plenty to choose from and that is something you have to find out for yourself.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Leading Facts about REIKI HEALING

Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865–1926)
Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865–1926)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you have the fair interest in knowing Reiki and how it is practised, the best thing to start with is that of getting familiar with the healing procedure. Reiki imparts the knowledge on how the present life can be lived to the fullest and to let go of all the worries and stress. It is necessary to put away the concerns that bother the mind, the spirit, and the body because it is the only way on how a full life can be enjoyed. Reiki healing employs the force that opens the doors in our lives towards the most unexpected and positive things that can occur. As soon as we allow our hearts, minds, and spirits to open up to the wonders of its healing procedure, we can start to live in harmony with the rest of our brothers and sisters. 

The Healing and the Healer  
As per the believers of Reiki, they manifest the techniques as they abide by the Divine consecration and the sacred covenant that they share with the Creator. Others even have the faith that the ability to heal themselves and others by means of using Reiki is innate. The technique is both a therapy and a way of allowing one to live the present day at a given moment. The healing ability is empowered as the person decides to accept his responsibility in getting attuned to it. Apart from acting as a form of treatment, it is also a lifestyle that encourages an individual to do good deeds in their entire lifetime. 

The Early Beginnings  
The methods of healing through Reiki is said to have been rooted from the age-old Tibet and was actually rediscovered by no less than a Japanese man by the name Mikao Usui in the latter part of the 1800s. When Mikao Usui died, his loyal followers took over the responsibility and continued the practice. They established clubs and alliances which still exist to this day to teach the variations of the Reiki method. The teaching is basically based on the learner's level of spiritual maturity. In the early times, the club was exclusively for the Japanese so the foreigners were never allowed to partake in the course. However, one Japanese woman by the name Hawayo Takata introduced the same teachings in the western world in the 1970s. Nowadays, the knowledge of Reiki is known to all parts of the world. 

Using Reiki Methodology  
If there are some people who question the efficacy of Reiki, it is but necessary to believe that it truly works. The person has to be simply open to accept the healing energy which is always around. You don't necessarily have to feel anything during the healing process. If one fails to receive the energy, it means that the process is obstructed by the imbalanced chakras. In order to fully enjoy its effect, it has to be rebalanced. It may take a while but with the help of other Reiki healers, the process of recovery can be made faster. 

It is but important to do the Reiki healing procedure with all of your heart and mind. Your action has to be driven by your greatest emotion called love. It is by opening yourself up to the whole process that you will only be able to receive its rewarding effect. Good deeds are also going to be returned to you. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Abundance and Prosperity REIKI

Everyone deserves to be happy. In fact, this can only happen when there is abundance and prosperity which happen to be the basic principles of Reiki.

Abundance and prosperity Reiki can only be achieved by following the five principles namely give cheerfully, change your voice if you want to desire, know your life’s purpose, be aware that there must be no mistakes or regrets and living the mantra.

Dr. Usui believed that by having these in our thoughts and what we say, we are able to live positive lives. If we dwell in doubt and other negative things, our dreams will never happen.

As Reiki practitioners, we should use our talent not only to heal ourselves and those around us but also the world at large. This is because attunement strengthens our thoughts making us realize that we have a potential to do more in our life.

But you have to admit that words have different meanings for each of us. For some abundance and prosperity means more money and wealth while some may see it as success in business or in one’s career.

Of course this definition may also mean having a loving marriage and a loving family. It just goes to show that it does not always mean material things.

This is probably one of the things that make us extraordinary among the other species in the planet because we have the creative power of divine heart and mind connection. We just have to tap this gift and use it so we may be able to fulfill or even find our purpose in life.

So what are money, love and peace? Such things are energies that we see as reality. But such a belief is not pointed in just one direction when Reiki’s energy is universal and we can use that power to change what is happening around us.

One thing we have to remember is that there are universal laws that govern abundance. Seasons come and go and despite everything, we are just limitless beings. This is why man must strive for the highest good and hold on to things that are only of value to ourselves.

When we feel that things are not going our way, this is the time that we must reflect and see if the things that are considered to be important hold the same priority as they did before. If they do not, this must be removed and then changed to a positive energy that can produce something better. In essence, we let go of the old to make room for the new.

How do you begin this journey? By creating a list of what is important in your life, reviewing each one and then figuring out which of these have to go. It is best to pay attention to how you feel about each one and then only keep those that add value to your quality of life.

This is probably the most important part in any level of Reiki as you are undergoing the 21 day cleansing process. Afterwards, you can move on with our life because Abundance and Prosperity can be achieved by using Reiki as your guide.

If you need references, look at the manual that was given to your during the 2 day training because this is not something you read and throw away.