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Monday, November 27, 2017

The "Swiss Army Knife" of ESSENTIAL OILS

Workshop Aromaterapia Prática
Essential Oils - Photo  by   Mayra Corrêa e Castro 
Is There Anything Your Swiss Army Knife Can't-Do?

Much more than just a pocket knife, the Swiss Army knife has long been considered the ultimate preparedness tool coming with a can-opener, bottle-opener, screwdriver, corkscrew, tweezers, nail file, scissors, and toothpick. Some higher-end versions even come with a LED flashlight, flash drive, and more!

Just as a Swiss Army knife can come in handy in thousands of situations, therapeutic-quality lavender oil is probably the most versatile of all essential oils. Lavender essential oil, (lavandula angustifolia) has been studied extensively in both Western and Eastern societies and has been discovered to possess the following properties:

  • Antiseptic,
  • Antifungal,
  • Analgesic,
  • Antitumoral,
  • Anticonvulsant,
  • Vasodilating,
  • Relaxant,
  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Reduces blood fat/cholesterol,
  • Combats excess sebum on skin,
Real, pure lavender oil has powerful healing properties for physical issues and emotional/mental issues alike. It is legendary for its ability to heal burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, acne, and general skin conditions. Likewise, its powerful relaxing aroma penetrates into the limbic region of the brain where it is believed to enact its well-known influence on stress, tension, sleep issues, and even depression. Lavender is literally an essential element of any first-aid kit, a useful item to bring when spending time outdoors, a powerful addition to any household.

But not all lavender oil on the market is created equal.

Facts about Therapeutic-Grade Lavender vs. Cheap Lavender
  • Real therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia) contains over 200 natural compounds, some of which scientists have not even been able to identify yet. The broad therapeutic effect of our lavender oil comes from its naturally diverse chemical composition.
  • Many lavender oils on the market are made with cheaper lavender hybrids such as lavendin.
  • The best lavender oil I am aware of is distilled from organically grown lavender on Young Living's farms in Mona, UT and Provence, France. It is steam-distilled at low temperatures to preserve the integrity of the essential oil. Nothing is added, and nothing is taken away.
  • Not only are cheaper hybrids used, but many cheap lavender oils are constructed in a laboratory and cut with low-cost chemical compounds such as acetylated lavandin, synthetic linalool, linalyl acetate, Ho leaf fractions, and rosewood oil.
  • 15 tons of fine lavender oil is produced annually in France.
  • Somehow, 250 tons of "fine" lavender oil is exported annually from France.
  • The moral of the story is make sure you get your essential oils from reputable sources. You truly do get what you pay for.

Still not sure about lavender? Check this out -

Top 10 Reasons to Have Therapeutic-Quality Lavender On Hand

10. Stop bleeding and cleanse wounds.
9. Calm down cranky kids (or cranky adults).
8. Great for headaches, bruises, and contusions.
7. If in doubt, try lavender!
6. It takes 170-250 lbs of lavender blossoms and plant material to make one lb of our lavender oil.
5. The bottle fits in your pocket or purse.
4. It won't expire.
3. Non-toxic, and actually helps the body to cleanse itself from toxins.
2. You get super-concentrated allergy meds, sleeping pills, wound disinfectant, PMS drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, burn treatment, sunscreen, and more in one convenient bottle.
1. Cost effective (replace all the above with just lavender in many cases!)