Tuesday, November 20, 2018

HYPNOSIS For Dealing With the Effects of DEPRESSION

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A simple definition of depression is that it's a low mood that can stay with a person for a period of time. The length of time can depend on the person and the severity of their depression. I am of course talking about regular depression, and not about manic depression, as this is a much more complex issue. It's also important to point out that depression is a medical condition that can affect people to varying degrees of seriousness, and for that reason, I would recommend that anyone who suspects they are suffering from depression should make an appointment to see their family practitioner.

There are various treatments for depression including medication that can only be acquired through a doctor. But correct diagnosis is required and this is usually done using several factors, including a thorough review of the patient's medical history and such. This data also serves in determining the best course of action, the right medication, and most effective treatment. It may require ongoing monitoring and care over a period of time.

As hypnotherapists, when we see a patient in a one to one environment we can ask for details of the client's medical history, and even consult with their doctor. However, when I produce a recording, such as a CD or MP3 download, to help deal with the effects of depression, I haven't got access to these medical histories nor can I consult with a client's doctor for individual case specifics. For this reason, I strongly recommend our recordings that you see a doctor beforehand, particularly if you suffer from severe depression. I would expect another ethical hypnotherapist's to do the same.

What we can do with recordings, however, is help with the effects of depression. I believe that suggestion and relaxation can be useful and helpful to people suffering any type of disease or medical ailment. It isn't a cure or treatment for the disease itself, but more like a coping mechanism to help with the effects of the ailment in daily life. For that reason, there are many CD and MP3 downloads available which are intended to work in conjunction with other forms of treatment.

I believe that hypnotherapy can help deal with the effects of depression, but it is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. If you think you are suffering from depression, you should immediately seek appropriate medical care for the condition. In conjunction with that, you can seek hypnotherapy to help deal with how your depression affects your every-day life.

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