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Succulent plants, such as this Aloe, store wat...
Succulent plants, such as this Aloe, store water in their fleshy leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Why might you wish to drink Aloe Vera? I can think of plenty of reasons - none of them necessarily the one that started me drinking it. You see, I drank it initially because my dog did!

Well, not just because Sam was lapping it up as if his life depended on it, although that did strike me as odd because he was quite a finicky dog and Aloe Vera isn't as tasty as, say, a juicy bone or sizzling steak. I decided to drink it after witnessing the changes in him.

Around the age of eight, his limbs had stiffened and the vet had pronounced him 'arthritic'. This was sad to see since Sam - a Bearded Collie - had always been so 'bouncy'. Beardies do seem to bounce - really! But there had been no bouncing recently and the vet hadn't held out much hope of Sam's limbs becoming less stiff.

Then my daughter produced a yellow tub with a brown lid and insisted: "Give him this to drink!"

Knowing how the contents of such a tub had helped her IBS I was perplexed. How could Aloe Vera help two such different conditions? I was also skeptical, not being a believer back then in 'alternative medicine'. But my skepticism was soon put to the test.

Within two weeks Sam had back his joie de vivre. I could hardly believe the evidence of my eyes as he reverted to his old self, chasing gulls on the moors opposite our home and - yes - bouncing again!

Perhaps I was imagining things. Or perhaps this 'rejuvenation' would be short-lived. But then my fellow dog-walkers started noticing... and commenting... and asking what on earth was going on.

Before long several of their dogs were 'on the drink' - and benefiting from it. Meanwhile, I'd been doing some research and starting to think that I too should perhaps drink Aloe Vera.

My limbs weren't stiff and nor did I have IBS, but I'd been learning - from a doctor, no less! - that Aloe Barbadensis Miller (the only 'true' Aloe) was, among other things, a natural 'balancer'.

It balances the immune system and the gut's interior (where it tends to regulate the various bacteria and yeasts inhabiting it) - and substances in the Aloe, such as the salicylic acid and the plant sterols, are able to soothe muscles and maintain healthy joints, mobility and flexibility.

I was beginning to get a glimpse into how the drink that had helped my daughter was also helping my dog. And I loved the fact that this particular Aloe Vera Gel was seemingly equally beneficial to both humans and animals!

So I joined in and began drinking it! For me it was (and still is, ten or so years on) a tonic. I'm talking now about the specific Gel in the yellow tub (not an Aloe Juice), which gives me a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Boosted by the minerals and vitamins that occur naturally in Aloe Vera, plus all its amino acids and other ingredients, my body feels as if it's functioning at 100%. And the colds and viruses that afflict others more often than not pass me by.

Do you now feel at all inclined to drink Aloe Vera yourself?

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