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ASTROLOGY - Planets and the Signs - Part 3

International Astrology Day
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This is the continuation of my previous article where I discuss the effect of Mars, Mercury and Venus on a person's personality. In this article, I will talk about the effects of Jupiter and Saturn.


Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, success, and positive thinking. The position of Jupiter in your birth chart indicates what things are lucky for you. It also tells you what career is most suited for you and what areas in life will bring you the most luck. In mythology, Jupiter was known as the supreme God. If Jupiter is well placed in your chart then it means you are outgoing, you are very lucky in terms of money and possessions. Also if Jupiter is well placed in your chart, it means that you will never have to worry too much, things will come easily to you but at the last minute. You also are popular among people and successful in your career. With all the good things it has to offer, there does not seem like there would be a negative influence of the planet. But there is a bad part and that is excessive goodness. Like with everything, the excess of anything is not good, if you get everything it can make you lazy and you will never develop strength of character.


Saturn is the second largest planet. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and symbolizes hard work. Anyone going through the phase of Saturn will learn to be hardworking and will face a lot of trials and difficulty which will make him strong of character. Saturn also teaches a person discipline. It is the planet of self control, patience, maturity, and realism. It might seem like a very harsh and cold planet but you should see it as a strict parent who is trying to teach you all the good things in life so that you can be a good and responsible person. Saturn will put you through a lot of difficult situations just to test you and give you a lesson but don't worry since whatever it gives would never be more than what you can handle. If Saturn is placed in a strong position in your chart then it means that you are patient and responsible. If Saturn is placed poorly in your birth chart, it can make you selfish, unhappy, and solitary and a pessimist. But as I said before, don't be scared of it, accept what Saturn has to offer and you will end up thanking it for whatever you leaned.

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