Friday, August 10, 2018

ASTROLOGY - Planets and the Signs - Part 1

Birth chart example 2
Birth chart example (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Birth chart: a birth chart is divided into 12 parts called 12 houses and the planets are signs are placed in these houses. Each planet in a different house and different sign signifies something different. Birth charts are very precise as it is very hard to get the exact same chart as someone else but remember that they are not perfect as there are things that are beyond science and calculations and no one can explain them.

While analyzing your birth chart you need to take the houses, planets and the zodiac signs all into consideration. Earlier you must have thought that you are a Virgo or a Leo or a Gemini. But now you will realize that all the signs play an important role in your chart and all of them contribute to your personality and your future. Below I will talk about what sun and moon.

Sun is the most important planet in our solar system (all of us know that, nothing new in it.). It helps in the sustenance of life in this world. It provides us with warmth, energy, and food that essential to our life. Although the sun is a star in astrology it is referred as a planet. The position of the sun in your birth chart governs your personality, how you react to things in life, your goals in life, your individuality, and style. Your sun sign will tell you about your general traits that can be seen by others. The other traits that people won't notice but you can notice are the ones caused by the influence of different planets in different signs in your birth chart. Understanding your sun sign will help you understand yourself better and help you grow as a person.

Moon is again not a planet but in context of astrology, it is referred as a planet. Moon is the 2nd most important planet after sun while understanding your personality. The moon signifies your inner self; it helps you in understanding your emotions and instincts. The moon personality is that part of yourself that you want to keep hidden, the part that feels anger, jealousy, the spontaneous joy, fantasies. The moon has power over the emotional sphere, hence it influences your receptivity to others and how other people feel about you. Sometimes you might feel that you are always in a conflict as to what to do then you should read more about your sun and moon sign and learn both the positive and negative traits and apply the positive things in your life and try to work around the negative traits.

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