Saturday, July 28, 2018


Photo by nicolas.boullosa 
Green technology is currently on the rise, especially after the new stimulus plan in which the government is using its resources to enhance the use of renewable energy. With the effect of many conventional technology uses, the environment has been on planet Earth's radar, with many individuals taking action either installing green technology to their homes or spreading awareness of the positive effects of renewable energy. One of those individuals is Raphael Domjan a former ambulance driver who started a Swiss company PlanetSolar has created the worlds largest solar-powered boat to travel over the 34,000-mile journey.

Solar power technology is truly limitless, this is a hopeful story of the many uses of renewable energy being implemented in other area's of technology besides creating solar powered homes. The solar powered boat is named the Turanor, a word taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings." It means "power of the sun." The boat was constructed by engineers and scientists from PlanetSolar, financed by private funds. Raphael has started this project to encourage other's to produce solar powered transpiration machines and to create a growing awareness of renewable energy.

Solar power is the technology for the future. This powerful technology brings you many advantages such as free energy, zero release of pollution or harmful chemicals, lightweight, and reliable. Generators can always go bust, but solar power is here to stay. However, with the many pros of renewable energy, it has it's share of cons as well such as expense, production, and implementation. Solar or renewable energy is very expensive to produce, also since it's such a new technology it is very complicated to implement and produce. But these are only barriers that will be overcome by our new research facilities all around the world, and new scientists spending their time developing and enhancing solar technology for the betterment of mother earth.

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