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Not just your ordinary newspaper HOROSCOPE & chinese ZODIACS

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Some definitions of the word astrology, depending on where you look, tend to sound like it wouldn't be out-of-place in a science fiction movie. While physical science (as in laboratories, chemicals, microscopes) differs from the science behind astrology (the stars, planets, your birth chart), it isn't completely ludicrous to think that getting one's horoscope isn't simply just plucking it out of nowhere.

The horoscope is basically the interpretation of a cosmic chart or map, which tells how the position of sun, moon, and planets relates to a particular person who was born on a certain day. Now the daily horoscope we get from the newspapers and websites are generalized readings of the Sun sign horoscope. It is an estimate of where the sun was located when you were born.

The "true" horoscope, however, is more specific. It takes into account not only the birth date but also the location and time (down to the hour and minute, even) of one's birth. A true horoscope is completely individual because no two people can have the exact same birthplace and birth time.

Now actually interpreting the horoscope requires a lot of knowledge, if one were to do it correctly. Like what was mentioned earlier, it makes use of a chart with symbols representing the cosmic beings such as the sun, moon, planets, and stars. Any astrologer worth his salt should be able to read this map correctly to learn how these cosmic influences affect a given space in time and how they will relate to a person born at another specific time and place.

It is very unlike psychic reading where one can be imbued with the psychic ability from the get-go, astrology and the horoscope involves some study and preparation from the one who intends to interpret a natal or birth chart. That is why lots of people do look for reliable personal horoscope readers online and are willing to hire their services.

Chinese Zodiac and Horoscopes

The Chinese zodiac is not simply relating the year you were born to an animal and its supposed attributes. While generally, this is the simplest approach to represent a person’s character or how a person perceives him or herself, e.g., those born Year of the Dog are thought to be loyal, emotional and friendly – there are also animal signs assigned by month and hours of the day. Apart from the year of birth, these represent a person’s inner animal and secret animal respectively.

Chinese Astrology Symbols
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These attributes of inner and secret animal are also divided into 12 parts; each represented in the 12 months of the year and 12 hours of the day a person is born. Hence, a person may seem to be “dog” because he or she was born in the year of the dog; and can be at the same time, “snake” internally and “dragon” secretively.

In Chinese astrology, the month pillar, a.k.a. a person’s inner animal is said to determine the circumstances in an adult’s life. You need to note though, that the Chinese lunar calendar begins in the Spring Festival and not January first in the Gregorian calendar.

Finally, the secret animal, determined by one’s exact time of birth is said to be a person’s truest representation. This hour pillar is said to determine circumstances in the early child and late age life of a person.

Only after these attributes are determined clearly can one proceed with checking compatibility. Animal personalities may match well in adult stages of life, e.g., a dog-horse couple; and may also be incompatible during old age, e.g., tiger and rooster.

Like any other relationship counselor, a Chinese horoscope expert can help prevent or lessen problems between couples. With help on zodiac signs love, a couple can be lead to a proper channel to which incompatibility or disagreement can be avoided at any stage of their lives

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