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Base Carrier Oil For AROMATHERAPY Home Recipes

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A bottle of Trader Joe's brand grapeseed oil.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is a quick reference guide for essential oils base carrier for aromatherapy home recipes because essential oils are very concentrated they need to be diluted for some uses, and the best way to do this is by using a base carrier oil. In addition to helping dilute the essential oil a good quality base carrier also helps the essential oils uses to penetrate the skin especially with massage use.

These are some of the most popular base carrier oils for aromatherapy;

  • Apricot Kernel Oil - This is a very pale yellow  contains minerals  vitamins, it has a light soothing feel and is easily absorbed with nutrition for the skin.
  • Avocado Oil - This is a dark green color  contains vitamins & proteins, lecithin essential fatty acids, which is very good for dry skin, skin irritations;
  • Camellia Oil - This is a clear color and contains oleic acid which is an essential fatty acid, that works as a lubrication oil that leaves your skin soft  silky;
  • Evening Primrose Oil - This is a pale yellow and contains a high level of gamma linoleic acid, vitamins  minerals which is excellent for treating psoriasis  eczema and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin;
  • Grapeseed Oil - The color of this one is almost colorless or pale green which contains vitamins, minerals  protein, and is very light & easily absorbed on you skin;
  • Hazelnut Oil - This colour is yellow. It is very rich in vitamins  fatty acids. This is good for restructuring this skin and get the oil into the bloodstream, plus it leaves a soft silky feeling;
  • Rosehip Seed Oil - This oil is colorless. It contains a high levels of linoleic  Fatty acids, which is particularly important for tissue regeneration;
  • Wheatgerm Oil - This is a yellow to orange colour. It is rich in vitamins, phosphorous, zinc, iron sulphur  essential fatty acids. It is great for nervous systems, skin irritation, scar tissue and stretched skin;

You can also use a 100% pure oil unrefined cold pressed vegetable, nut or seed oils for abasing carrier oils when mixing your essential oils recipes. Not all cold pressed oils are suitable for aromatherapy massage. Some, like carrot, will stain the skin if used neat, and others like olive and sesame are very heavy and will leave you feeling greasy, and some are just far too expensive to be used on there own. But, using aromatherapy you only add a small amount of these oils to the common, nullity purpose base oil because of their special properties. For uses of aromatherapy carrier oils are divided up into two categories. They are Multi-Purpose Oils and Special enhancers.

Multi-Purpose oils are a versatile vegetable oil and used as the main base oils in blends. Used on their own for massage oils or can be enhanced by the adding of small amounts of special enhancers.

Special enhancers are a vegetable oil that is added to the nullity purpose carriers in small amounts to help with troubled skin conditions or as a preservative for a longer shelf life.

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