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Homemade ALOE VERA Soap

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Homemade ALOE VERA SOAP can be a very useful product. Even in houses where allergies and sensitive skin aren't prevalent, there are still many benefits to using soap that is aloe vera-based and not created from chemical products. A lot of people make their own soaps because it is so simple, and often have a specific scent or type of product that they like to include that might not be found in soaps that you can buy at the store. Making aloe vera soap is a very simple process, and allows you to have better cleansing products without having to spend a fortune at specialty stores.

Start your homemade aloe vera soap project by grating the soap base into a heat-resistant bowl. Glycerin soap and hypoallergenic soap are two popular choices to use as a base. Use 2 cups of this soap as a base, and then add 1/4 cup of aloe gel that is fresh from a plant. Place the bowl over a pot of simmering water and leave it until the materials have melted and blended themselves into one. If you want to add scents or textures, you will need to let the mixture cool for a little bit. If you don't, you can simply put your soap into a mold that is coated with Vaseline for easy removal. Refrigerate the soap overnight and then set it in a dry, airy place in your home for about 3 weeks so it can dry completely.

Making homemade aloe vera soap is something that many people enjoy because it offers a great alternative to store bought soaps and also to the messy nature of using liquid aloe or gel-based cleansing products. Anyone can make their own homemade soaps quickly and easily, regardless of their abilities or experience in making soap. This is a great way to get the skincare products that you need without the hassle or expense of searching for them in stores near you.

Having an aloe plant thriving in your garden, or even indoors on your windowsill, is well worth the effort. The gel the plant produces has a multitude of uses and its elegant appearance is a feature in any landscape.

    Grace Quill is a keen gardener and while having great respect for modern medicine, having worked in the industry for over twenty years, she is an advocate of common sense natural healing where appropriate. She and her husband live a contented life in a mudbrick house surrounded by native bush. Grace's current goal is to slowly turn her light green lifestyle into a truly environmentally friendly one.  
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