Thursday, January 4, 2018

The 6 External Pathogens: Finding New Flows in CHINESE MEDICINE

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The idea of pathology in Chinese medicine is what determines the need for a change in energy flow.  If you are looking into finding better alternatives for your health, looking at possibilities for external pathology and how it relates to your Qi is one of the places to begin.  By doing this, you will have the ability to gain back your health through holistic means.

The external pathogens are one of the ways in which your energy flow can be affected.  There are six general pathogens that are examined when looking at external pathogens.  When these are flowing correctly, they allow the body to be balanced and have energy.  However, sometimes the external pathogens can stop their flow.

The characteristics of external pathogens are named after the weather patterns in the earth.  This is because all Chinese medicine takes environmental and universal laws and applies it to each individual.  These are divided into wind, heat, cold, summer heat, damp and dryness.  When one who is practicing Chinese medicine is able to define one of these in the body as not being aligned correctly than they can begin to move back the Qi to normal.

The external pathogens begin with the wind.  When looking at the human body, this is directly linked to the lungs and the air passageways.  When the ‘Wind Qi’ is off in a person, there will be coughing and often times aches in specific joints.  Because there is not a steady movement of air, passageways and other areas are unable to remain clear.

If you are looking at temperature, such as heat, cold or summer heat, you can simply look at how warm or cold your body temperature is.  If there is not a steady flow in specific areas, you can determine that your Qi in those areas is off.  If there is severe heat in one area, such as from a temperature, then this is where the flow of energy is, significant in the relation to summer heat.

The last two external pathogens are the damp or dryness that is related to Qi.  If there is dampness, you can expect that the Qi in that area is not flowing correctly.  Dampness is known for blocking Qi from its proper flow.  Dryness, the absence of moisture, is significant because it decreases flexibility.  This is because dryness is brittle and is known for taking off bits and pieces.

These various external pathogens all can tell what parts of a person’s energy are blocked.  By understanding the ‘symptoms’ that are taking place externally you can begin to change the flow of energy throughout your body.

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