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What Are Some WITCHCRAFT Chants I Can Do?

The Love Potion
The Love Potion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Witchcraft or witchery as some people know it better by, first came around a few hundred years ago and is still alive and well to this very day. The word "witch" means many different things to many different people. However, a witch isn't exactly the ones we see on TV flying around on broomsticks like in the Wizard Of Oz. Of course, this whole broom business may have or may have not been real, but I don't think anyone is even around now to prove that it is or isn't.

Just the same there are people who do practice magic(k)s of sorts and though a lot of people might find this sort of stuff "creepy" or "demonic" it doesn't all have to be unless you choose for it to be! I checked a few of these "chants" online and they aren't anything incredibly disturbing if anything they are "wishes" we desire to have in our lives such as the money or love spells. I'm not talking about anything like Love Potion 9 either.

I'm talking about real verses that you can actually say that might or might not bring you the things you want from these spells. Some people say witchcraft is all in the belief and if you don't believe it won't happen. Personally, I do believe that there are "witches" out there and that they did exist hundreds of years ago. To be able to actually sit down and say who was more real; the old or the new is crazy. Honestly I don't know about you, but I don't know any witches, however, I am open-minded about certain things!

Either way, you decide to go; believe or not, there are a few spells I found that I decided to list below. I'm merely listing these because I take interest in things like this; things that people fight over if it's true or not! In the end, I suppose it's really up to you!

Simple Love Spell -
On your altar or coffee table if you don't have one, place one red candle and one white candle. Make sure you have a cauldron or other fireproof container to which you've added some sand. (It helps absorb the heat)

On a piece of parchment or fine writing paper, write down the qualities of the person that you'd like to have come into your life. The color of ink doesn't matter, although you could use red or pink if you have it. (Keeps with the theme if colored ink is used). When you're finished writing, concentrate on the words and try to envision how this person makes you feel, the things you'd like to do together, and allow yourself to feel happy. You should feel happy, you're creating something wonderful to look forward to! When you're ready, light the piece of paper from both candles and say something like: I ask that the Gods/Universe send to me this person I desire, I may not yet know their face or name. Still, I know they're out there, And they're looking for me just the same!

Three Red Leaves Spell -
This spell is used to protect the mind against things such as nightmares, negative thoughts and "invasions of evil". First, you must gather three red leaves from any tree, plant or bush. Lay them in a triangle on a flat surface. In the center of the leaves, place an already lighted candle, and place a few drops of chrysanthemum oil on each leaf. Say this incantation three times:

Red leaves, a gift from the earth - Birth to death and death to birth - Keep all evil far away - Day to night and night to day. Then, extinguish the candle, and wrap the leaves in a white cloth or pouch. Place this near your bed within three feet of your head and it will stop all nightmares and negative thoughts.

Money Spell -
This spell helps double any denomination of cash paper money that you have. First find some almost new cash paper money, in the largest denomination possible. The twenty, or fifty dollar bill is good. Place this in a white envelope, and lick, and seal it. Fold the envelope, and say once, every day, for about seven days: Occult powers to me shall bring, The way to double this sum. Hear me, thou cherubim which sing, Quickly, and softly come. Hold the envelope up, and pretend that it has become heavier. Keep the envelope in your bedroom. After you receive more money, open the envelope, and either spend or deposit the money that was in the envelope.

I also study positive thinking a lot and it's funny because I see a lot of similarities between these "spells" and positive thinking. So I don't think personally that all witchcraft is bad or that all witches are bad. I think it all depends on how you plan on using it and who you're using it for or in some cases; against! Even with positive thinking, if you think negative things about a person long enough or negative things about yourself, they are bound to happen eventually. So good or bad? Who can say really? True or false? Who knows! Worth a try? Especially if it's a spell that is simple and that might bring you positive things? I think so! Check out some of these spell sites and you will be surprised some of the really normal things that you can find! You have the whole history of the witch trials in the US, France, UK, Spain along with spells and different "potions" you can make. It is pretty cool stuff!

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