Saturday, June 24, 2017

Should We Take End Of The World PREDICTIONS Seriously?

Considering the vast number of previous predictions which have all failed to materialise, surely we shouldn’t be too worried?

English: The carbon footprint.
The carbon footprint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yet for some of us fears seem hard to shake everyday we hear of new disasters, new threats with the world seemingly more and more out of control especially in relation to extreme weather events, global warming and the growing credit crisis.

So what if anything can I do?

Do your bit, no one can save the world single handedly but you can do your bit, here are a few suggestions.

- Cutting down your carbon footprint by using less electricity, gas, car fuel and water not only helps the environment but your pocket too by reducing bills. This doesn’t mean changing your lifestyle just simple measures such as ensuring you turn off items instead of leaving them on standby.

- Working to pay off debts, this benefits you, as you aren’t wasting money on interest payments. Being in control of your finances reduces stress and makes the banks more confident.

- Donate unwanted items or money to charity, simple measures which benefit those in need.

- Being a conscientious shopper by knowing where and how the items you buy are produced. Remember every item you buy has a carbon footprint. Buy local products where possible, make sure the product is produced sustainably, ethically and in an environmentally friendly way.

- Recycling, stops the world resources being unnecessarily used up and isn’t as difficult as it seems look out recycling symbols on packaging and familiarise yourself with your local areas recycling
system and facilities.

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