Friday, June 16, 2017

How HYPNOSIS Can Help Eliminate Snoring

Snoring can bring misery to snorers and their non snoring partners. In fact it is a factor frequently cited in divorce proceedings as the lack of sleep, particularly for the non snoring partner, can cause frustration and irritability, inevitably leading to arguments. However, there are solutions available, both for the snorer and the non snoring partner. 

Maybe just a quick nap...
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Most solutions require some sort of physical intervention, chin straps or nasal dilators for example. These can be quite effective for many people, but they can also be very uncomfortable to wear and many people find it difficult to get to sleep wearing them. There is also medication you can take, but many of these are based on caffeine, which of course can interfere with your sleep pattern. An alternative and highly effective solution, which works not just for the snorer but for the non snoring partner, is hypnosis.

So, how can hypnosis help the snorer? Well, first of all let us think about how snoring is caused. During the day the muscles in our airways are taut keeping the airways open and ensuring that there are no obstructions. When we are asleep these muscles relax meaning that the airway becomes smaller. For some people the airways become sufficiently small so as to cause an obstruction. The result of this is that when the air hits the back of the throat the soft tissues vibrate causing the distinctive snoring sound.

What hypnosis can do is to re-train the snorer to tighten up these muscles while they are asleep and thereby increase the size of the airway. The net result of this increase in size of airway is that snoring is reduced or, as is often the case, completely eliminated. You should not expect instant results, however. It takes some time for the muscles to become re-trained in this way.

Hypnosis can also help the non snoring partner. The sound of snoring is particularly irritating because it is not constant, but more often intermittent. Therefore, often more disturbance is caused by the anticipation of the snore as much as the snoring itself. How hypnosis works for the non snorer is that it trains them to filter out the noise of the snoring. This does not mean that they stop hearing it, but more that it stops being something that they focus on when they are trying to sleep. It is not instant of course, but with time non snoring partners should be able to ignore the sound enough to get a good night's sleep.

Hypnosis can be administered by a trained hypnotherapist or self-administered. Alternatively, there are CDs and MP3 downloads available which can be just as effective.

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