Friday, February 17, 2017

Top 4 CANDLE MAKING Ideas for the Beginners

There are lots of people who love to collect different kinds of candles. Colorful and scented candles are widely available these days. Candles are required for a number of purposes. There are people who light candles almost every day while they worship.

If you have a hobby of collecting candles then instead of buying them you can try them at home. You just need to collect the candles making supplies and give some quality time to get homemade candles.

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Homemade candles do not only look good but they are cheap. You can create candles of different designs and colors, sizes and shapes. But before taking up the candle making job it is important to get some good candle making ideas.

You can collect candle making ideas from varied sources. Candles can also turn out to be great gifts for birthdays as well as Christmas. If you gift a self made candle to you dear one it can surely become the most special gift.

Unique Candle Making Ideas

Making candles with crayons is a good idea. This process is quite easy. The process is almost similar to making normal wax candles. For this procedure you first need to remove the wrapping papers from the crayons. Next you need to put the crayons in a boiling bag and put it in a pot with boiling water. It will take only ten minutes to melt the crayons and you will get colorful wax out of it. You can then use the molds to create wonderful candles.
Gingerbread pillar is the other idea that can help you create scented candles especially for Christmas. For this you need to melt the wax and then add some brown color to the wax. At a high temperature then you need to add oil which is ginger scented or you can also add dry ginger. You need to be careful while doing this because ginger is quite spicy and it might induce coughing.
You can create candles keeping the seasons in mind. If you are making candles in summer then you can choose the beach theme. You can make candles in the shape of star fish and give them bright colors. You can also add a fragrance which smells just like a refreshing ocean breeze.
Cookie cutter candle is one of the most popular candle making ideas. This can be created as a memento candle by adding something personal. This kind of candle can be made by pouring wax in a large flat box with a number of wicks in it and then cutting the wax with a cookie cutter in the shape you prefer.

Candle Making Ideas for Beginners

If you are a beginner then you need to follow certain steps so that you can utilize the best candle making ideas.

First of all, it is very important to choose the right material for your candle. You should always compare the options available because it will help you find the best quality product at a lower price.
Choose good marketing techniques to sell your homemade candles.

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