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Saturday, July 29, 2017

CHINESE HERBS - Effectiveness for Women in case of Pre-menstrual Syndromes

Many diseases or medical conditions that erupt in our life are mainly because of the unhealthy diet and high consumption of saturated foods. Pre-menstrual syndromes have also found their inception because of this very change in our nutrition.

The premenstrual syndrome is defined as faulty function of the ovaries related to the women's menstrual cycle. It affects the physical and emotional state of the women. It sometime interferes with the daily activities as well due to hormonal fluctuation in the body. The emergence of syndrome takes place approximately two weeks before which then decays as the periods start.

The resulting pain and disturbances can be relieved with the usage of Chinese herbal medicines. As being effective in many other cases, these herbs have also proved their worth in this aspect of medicine as well.

The herb named Ba Ji Tian or Morinda root is very effective with respect to the problems associated with reproductive, urinary and menstrual disorders like this very syndrome in women. Primarily, water retention is the main problem associated with women in PMS which occurs due to deficiency of potassium. But morinda root contains high concentration of potassium which is essential for balancing the salt level in the body. Besides, it also regulates the fluid in our bodily tissues and improves the lymphatic functions.

Furthermore, it also contains Linoleic acid and Flavone glycosides. The former helps in converting essential fatty acids in to GLA thus resulting in lesser production of PGE2 and reducing the uterus pain and cramps whereas the latter improves the muscles of the large intestine in moving the stool thereby reducing the risk of constipation as well. The Morinda root contains carotene, vitamin A and C which are very essential for nourishing the immune system for fighting against the irregular cell growth in case of tumours, cancer and endometriosis. They also guard against infections and inflammations including the women reproductive system.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

CHINESE HERBS - Are either Beneficial for Psoriasis and Heart or not?

Psoriasis of the back.
Psoriasis of the back.
(Photo credit: 
Various diseases exist throughout the world which do not have a specific cure procedures or definite medications. Rather many alternative therapies are used to lower the effect of the symptoms and relieve the pain resulting from them. Chinese herbs are one of the many herbal medicines that are used for the similar procedure. 

Over the years the use of these herbs has increased to treat Psoriasis and nourish up a healthy heart. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that results in thickening of the skin along with redness and scaling as well. In this condition, the cells in the outer layer multiply very rapidly, causing the thickness of the skin. Furthermore they stick to one another more strongly and for longer period than the normal cells do thus resulting in the scaling of the skin. The redness and scaling of the skin depends upon the part of the skin involved. 

The Chinese herbs help the patients by reducing the symptoms of the disease which encourages them to continue the medication course. The diagnosis outline of the herbs which is carried out by a professional doctor, also known as “Heat in the Blood”, is focused on the redness of the skin. The doctor first determines the main pathology of the said condition so that the diagnosis and treatment are in order and the side-effects can be avoided as much as possible.

Moreover, the doctor observes the features of the scales and patches as the patients are treated individually and the condition of the disease varies between being mild or severe amongst a group of affected ones. Though the herbs are easily available with description on web, it is recommended to consult a good doctor to ensure
maximum treatment rather than using them on your own.

Besides, in case of healthy heart, the laboratory tests carried out in many countries indicate that the herbal formulas used in Chinese medications help in the large production of nitric oxide which generates relaxation in our blood vessels. This consequence allows the blood to flow more easily through the entire circulatory system. Also nitric oxide helps prevent blood clots and plaque from clogging the arteries whilst also keeping the blood pressure in check and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tuning Into Opposites for Health: The Principle of Yin and Yang for MEDICINE (TCM)

English: Traditional Chinese Medicine describe...
Traditional Chinese Medicine
describes things as either Yin or Yang.
Here are some Yang qualities,
with the character for Yang.
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Chinese medicine is not only a way of science that incorporates the discoveries made for holistic health.  It also incorporates philosophies that are important for one to be able to stay in the best health.  Along with these philosophies are practical principles that are applied with Chinese medicine in order for holistic health to be achieved.  

The idea of Yin and Yang is one of the many principles that are at the root of Chinese medicine and it’s functioning.  This particular method was applied through Taoism, one of the religious practices in the Orient.  From this philosophy, the Chinese discovered that the laws of the universe could be applied to each individual in order to gain optimum health.  

The idea of Yin and Yang incorporates five major ideas that are then used in order to help one gain the best of health.  The first of these is opposition.  This means that everything and everyone has two polar opposites.  When one is balanced, both of these are controlling each other.  This opposition is essential to one being able to exist in the universe.  

English: Traditional Chinese Medicine describe...
Traditional Chinese Medicine
describes things as either Yin or Yang.
Here are some Yin qualities,
with the character for Yin.
(Photo credit: 
Not only is this opposition essential for existence, but it is also what allows one to be healthy.  By balancing out these two opposites, one is able to nourish them as well as grow into new understanding and balance.  However, even if these are not balanced, there is still a little of one side into the other making the idea of Yin and Yang interchangeable.  

When one applies these particular philosophies to health, they can find that they are able to use the principles to help with health.  With each side of your body is another side that is the polar opposite.  A good example is your abdomen, which needs your back in order to remain balanced.  By focusing on both sides, you will be able to gain balance, energy and a holistic approach to your life.

The idea of Chinese medicine is one that doesn’t just record symptoms through a scientific perspective.  It takes into account the dark and light sides of everyone.  By learning how to apply the principles of Yin and Yang to every part of your health, there is the ability to learn to exist with a new balance.  

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Getting the Body Back to Work: Tuina and CHINESE MEDICINE

Jar of dried, gutted sea cucumbers at a Tradit...
Jar of dried, gutted sea cucumbers
at a Traditional Chinese medicine emporium
in Yokohama, Japan.
(Photo credit: 
If your body is out of sync with what it is supposed to be doing, it can cause endless amounts of problems.  You may feel tired all of the time, or restless.  For no apparent reason, you may get headaches or feel nauseous during the day.  Beyond this, you can catch the viruses and colds going around all of the time.  

According to Chinese medicine, this simply means that your flow of energy is off.  If this is the case, and you want to find an alternative method to getting back in touch with what your body needs, you don’t have to look any further than Chinese medicine.  One of the methods that can be used for Chinese medicine is Tuina, also known as Oriental bodywork therapy.  

Tuina originated in 1700 BC in order to help with children’s diseases that were directly related to the muscles and skeletal system of children.  The concept of Tuina was also developed for help with digestion for adults.  After the year 600, the concept of Tuina was considered to be an art, and was banished by the government.  It wasn’t until the beginning of the Communist regime in the 1960s that it became popular again as a method for medical arts.  

Tuina is like a combination of acupuncture and a massage.  A practitioner will work on changing the flow of your energy in your body by using various hand techniques.  The hand techniques will first be used in order to massage the tissues and muscles of your body.  Afterward, specific points, also used for acupuncture will be focused on.  This added pressure is known to change the flow of Qi.  After this, the practitioner will focus on realignment of the bones, skeletal structure and ligaments in order to realign them.  

Beyond these basic techniques, practitioners may also choose to combine herbs, salves and ointments to enhance the Tuina.  This will help to completely shift all levels of the energy systems that are in your body, allowing you to become more generated, balanced and healthy.  

If you are looking for an alternative method to get to the depths of your health, Tuina is the method you will want to look into.  This particular method is known to heal those that use it on all levels, with a combination of Chinese medicine techniques that are popular.  By doing this, there is the ability for those using it to change their energy flow into better health.   

Monday, December 19, 2016

CHINESE HERBS- A General Synopsis of the Properties of the Herbs

The marvels of Chinese herbs have continued to charm and help people all over the word for a very long time. Almost all medicines have been created by mixing them in different quantities and proportions. The Chinese herb logy is a vast field that consists of numerous types of herbs possessing a wide range of properties and specialties.

Some elements for M├ędecine chinoise in Xi'an
Some elements for M├ędecine chinoise in Xi'an (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chinese herb basically possesses a specific taste, temperature and certain special characteristics. The basic tastes are sweet, bitter, salty, pungent, bland, astringent and aromatic. Some are known to poses herbs are mixed together on the basis of their tastes and temperatures.

Sweet herbs are sticky in nature and if they are mixed with a cold herb they are useful in creating a medicine that is useful for fluids. The yin property allows the energy of the body to be restored and also cure stomach and urine problems. The sweet herbs are sticky so they help in clogging the misplaced elements of the body. The bitter taste herb possesses the quality of dryness. 

So whenever there is a defiance of yin in the body this herb is used to cure the problem. The pungent herbs assist in the movement functions of the body. When this herb is mixed with a cold herb it is useful in solving joint problems and regulating the other movements of the body. The salty herb poses the quality of codify and dissolve. It is mostly obtained from the marine world which is why the salt content is high in these herbs. Whereas the astringent herb is useful in supplying the useful components to the body.

Apart from these properties herbs also poses properties such as hotness, coolness, coldness, warmth and neutral. All these are combined with the above mentioned herbs to give you the best medicine for your problem.