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Home Remedies For Yeast Infections That Are All Natural - NATURAL CURE

Candidiasis is a fungal infection commonly know as thrush or yeast infection. It affects mouth and throat areas, genitals, intestinal tracts, and urinary systems. Mild infections mostly cause irritating discomfort and are often treated at home using traditional natural cures, rather than stronger prescription medicines. Natural treatments for yeast infection fall into two categories; those which actually fight the fungus, and those which bring some relief to the symptoms.

Amongst home cures for yeast infections, caprylic acid is a simple anti-fungal solution that may be taken to fight infections in the digestive tract. A similar cure is citrus seed extracts, sometimes known as Citricidal.

Another liquid with anti-fungal properties, as well as antiviral and antibacterial qualities, is Oil of Oregano. It can be taken orally with a few drops placed under the tongue, for mouth and throat infections. It can also be applied topically to infected areas.

Ozone Therapy is a simple natural remedy that can kill parasites. Ozone therapy may be self administered, but a more powerful and effective treatment may be given by a doctor, so it's worth talking to your health advisor.

English: Hydrastis canadensis in the garden of...
Hydrastis canadensis
(Photo credit: 

Goldenseal Tea (Hydrastis Canadensis) not only has anti-fungal properties, it encourages the growth of friendly bacteria due to the presence of berberine. It may be drunk as an ordinary tea, as well as be used for vaginal douching. Oregon Grape Root is another anti-fungal tea, but this is only applied as a vaginal douche.

Boric acid and hydrogen peroxide both kill vaginal yeast infections. Boric acid is supplied in capsules to be used as a suppository, hydrogen peroxide is used as a vaginal douche by mixing a teaspoon of 3% solution in a cup of water.

Yeast infections, even when mild, cause a lot of irritating discomfort, but there are plenty of traditional home medicine cures that can bring relief. Aloe vera gel can be placed on infected external areas, for both males and females, using a cotton ball. Aloe Vera Juice can be taken orally as well as used externally.

Calendula cream and flaxseed oil cream are both soothing agents that are useful for all yeast infection symptoms on external areas, such male and female private parts.

Slippery Elm Powder is mixed with a bit of water to make a paste that may be applied topically, it's effective for general skin irritation and penis yeast infections. Vitamin E oil can be applied for painful and burning infections on male and female genitalia, as well as being applied to itchy skin.

A solution particularly effective for a male yeast infection, but effective for women too, is a sitz bath. One kind of sitz bath is made by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to a hip-level tub of warm water.

Another well known therapy for yeast infections is yogurt. This can provide some soothing effect to infected areas, but it also leaves the treated zone in a condition that is inhospitable to the yeast infection, so it prevents its spreading and can eliminate small infections. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Most Common Food ALLERGIES

* Milk *

Being allergic to cow’s milk isn’t the same as being lactose intolerant.

* Eggs *

You can be allergic to either the whites of the yolk. This type of food allergy is more prevalent in
children, but does affect some adults.

English: Food types likely to cause allergic r...
Food types likely to cause allergic reactions in adults in Sweden: drupe, cheese, nuts, wine, apples, and shellfish.
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
* Peanut *

Most people, adults, and children with food allergies, are allergic to peanuts too.

* Tree nut *

More children have nut allergies than adults. The symptoms of nut and peanut allergies are the same, but being allergic to one doesn’t necessarily mean you’re allergic to the other.

* Seafood *

This is more common in, but not limited, to children. The fish allergens can be passed through the air by people eating or cooking fish near you.

* Shellfish *

Similar to seafood allergies. But having one doesn’t mean being allergic to the other.

* Soy *

People allergic to soy need to be especially careful when eating Asian foods or using Asian sauces.

* Wheat *

This is most commonly a food allergy, but can also be a respiratory contact allergy.

In the United States these are referred to as "the big eight". Over 90% of U.S. food allergies consist of
these foods.

Allergens differ in other countries, but these 8 make the top 10 in many places through out the world.

Food allergies may be based on contact. In East Asia where rice makes up a large part of the diet, rice
allergies are more common, as are celery allergies in Central Europe.

Public Speaking HYPNOSIS

Public speaking hypnosis can help people with a presentation, talk, best man's speech or work meeting anxiety to feel confident and calmer. Speaking to a group of people of any size is one of the most common phobias and fears.
Public speaking is considered to be the act of communicating with a group of people whose number can range from two to tens of thousands. Some people relish the idea of giving a presentation, talk, leading a meeting, giving that wedding speech. These people like to be the center of attention and enjoy getting the chance to perform in front of others.

Speaking to groups for many people is a constant source of anxiety and dread. Public speaking for them it is something to be avoided at all costs.
Typically someone with a speaking phobia or fear will experience an adrenalin rush, heart palpitation, sweating, shaking, a voice that cracks and a loss of memory. A previous bad experience of speaking in public is usually found to be the cause of the current feelings of dread about giving a speech or presentation.
helps a person who suffers from these "fight or flight" feelings to feel calmer and more relaxed. Hypnosis helps to change how a person thinks about public speaking. It helps them to construct positive and successful images of themselves giving a speech to others that are attractive and encouraging rather than one of fear or failure.
It is more often the dread prior to giving the speech that makes it hard for someone to face up to give the presentation.
Some people will feign sickness or even resign from their job because the fear of having to speak in front of others is so overwhelming that they will literally do anything to get out of it. Others will not apply for that new job or promotion because they know the new role will involve taking meetings, giving training or speaking in front of groups. A public speaking phobia can, therefore, limit a persons' career progression.
Fortunately, it can be comforting to know that many people who have suffered from a public speaking fear do get over it. Indeed they can progress to well with feeling confident and calm about giving a speech that they not only look forward to doing it but also start to volunteer to do it.
If you are fed up with suffering from nerves, dread, fears and anxiety from even the thought of speaking in front of others at work, socially or on other occasions, you no longer need to suffer. One of the most effective methods for overcoming your fears and feeling confident is public speaking hypnosis.
Steven Harold
Public speaking hypnosis help
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MYSTERIES: Temple of Jupiter – Optimus Maximus

City of Rome during time of republic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia
The Temple of Jupiter is the important temple from the Ancient Rome that was founded to honor the Arch-God Capitoline Triad, Juno, Minerva and Jupiter during 509 BC. This is situated in the peaks of Capitoline hill. Tarquinius Priscus who reigned during the 616 to 578 BC is said to have consecrated this temple of Jupiter, but according to traditions it is assumed that the major construction work of the Temple was done by Tarquinius Superbus.

Model - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Archaeologists have reconstructed this temple and given the rectangular Greek appearance with the few traces which remained. At some locations one can have a look at the remnants of the Roman feature (podium). On every year beginning that is on the 1st of January the new elected consuls take the offices with a colorful ceremony. The white sheep is sacrificed to the God Jupiter on every month of Ides. There will also be a special annual festival at the temple during the special ides in September. 

In this festival there will be a huge banquet for the Romans wherein the 3 Gods statues participate. It got burnt during the 83 BC and the remains can be seen even today over and across the Conservators palace.

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MEDICINE REIKI, A Perfect Union Of East And West

The bear and the eagle, Father Sun, and Mother Earth. Nope, this is not an animal or environmental write-up. But rather, this short write-up is about Native American medical practices and how it can be combined with another Eastern technique called Reiki to come up with a healing method that channels the life force energies of everything that surrounds us.

Mowaffaq-Eylon head Tantur 090607
Reiki - Photo by eylon 

Practitioners refer to this as Medicine Reiki, a technique which combines the medicinal approaches of Native Americans and the rather spiritual approaches of Japanese Reiki. 

But medicine Reiki was not created to surpass any other forms of Reiki but it was created because of a realization that there is a way to broaden and deepen the understanding of the energy that binds us all together. It can be seen as a natural course of action, from a general concept as Reiki, to more specialized forms like medicine Reiki. 

By integrating Native American concepts of healing, beliefs, and practices to the knowledge of channeling the life force energy of Reiki, healing takes place faster than when using regular Reiki or ordinary Native American medicines alone. How so, you might ask? The answer all lies on how these two elements work. 

We take medicines to heal our physical ailments. But because medicines heal only the physical aspects of our body, the possibility of the illness or disease striking twice is not that far off. Medicines offer merely temporary relief.  Reiki, on the other hand, is an encompassing discipline which targets the physical, mental, spiritual and mental aspects of our existence. Reiki practitioners use the infinite energy that surrounds us, channels that energy and allow it to flow to anyone or anything that needs healing.

By combining these two elements of healing, you"ll get medicine energy that heals beyond its normal capacity. The combination heals both the physical state and the inner dispositions of the body faster as well. 

The concept of medicine Reiki is relatively new. It was K'sitew who founded this branch of Reiki in the late 90s. From then on it grew and the practice expanded to include other energies. 

The good thing about medicine Reiki is that it can only be used for healing. Unlike when taken alone, medicines can be good and bad, a dualistic energy source. Reiki is a monadic energy which means it is only good energy thus cannot do any harm. When Reiki is integrated with medicine, the dualistic energy of the latter is converted into a monadic energy resulting to a positive form of energy whose only capacity is to heal and not damage or hurt someone.

What also makes medicine Reiki different is that the healing process is done in groups or in small communities. Participation of the community is necessary during the healing sessions creating a closer bond between individuals which is great for sharing energy. The closer the bonds between the members of the group, the greater the energy flows within the group, the better and faster the healing process. 

Since the founding of this Reiki technique, more healing methods have developed which draws its origins from Native American medicines.

And as long as practitioners exist, this Reiki healing technique will continue to grow and expand bringing forth new healing methods or techniques that will help people challenge their health and energy levels.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

MEDITATION technique for different environments

There are people who have good sense of focus and concentration. They have the ability to stabilize their mind no matter what kind of environment they are into. However, there are also people who seem to be always disturbed. They can hardly concentrate, thus, affecting their judgment and quality of work. Meditation is a good aid for these types of people. During meditation, mental space is created in order to achieve a certain degree of enlightenment. 

The effects of meditation to different people also vary. These could be affected by factors such as the mood, character and individuality. When a person hardly understands himself, his confusion reflects to his actions. That is why contemplation is necessary in order to achieve an enlightened consciousness.

A quiet space conducive for reflection, a mantra to be recited and absolute concentration are the essentials of meditation. While sitting meditation is considered the basic and most efficient form of meditation, there are other ways to modify the process. On the whole, you can only create other forms of meditation when you become habituated with the practice. When your mind had been set for meditation, it will be easy for you to stay tuned-up. Plus, you can integrate the spiritual essence and mental awareness with the physical and mental rhythms of life. 

As meditation becomes part of your routine, you will always find time to stop and make a connection with the process of meditation. Naturally, you will seek the blissful state that you can experience only when meditating.   

So what should you do when the place you are into is not conducive for meditation? There are ways to establish focus and concentration. You can capture your mind to be in the meditation state when you direct your attention to a spot in the room, or listen attentively to your breathing or focus on a small object. With the help of a relaxing music and tricky colors, you can employ meditation and extend such practice even beyond the meditation period. 

Active people such as athletes need to stay focused in their skill or art while staying grounded. However, their physical ability could be more enhanced if they are in touch with their higher consciousness. A famous female boxer revealed that in her violent and aggressive profession, she never fails to meditate and chant. 

She constructed her own way of escaping the gym atmosphere in order to find peace within. She listens to the sound of the speed bag as she hits it one way. There is a distinct sound for a one-way blow and the sound varies with the difference in the impact of glove. Then all she had to do is close her eyes and meditate on the sound of the speed bag. 

Even a basketball player can employ meditation at the free throw line if he is able to transcend the noise of the crowd and the pressure of the play. In this manner, he can manage stress and anxiety while connecting to his meditation process. 

Be creative in modifying your own way of meditation. Break your patterns and make your imagination work.