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Friday, December 9, 2016

Unfolding The Mystery Of BLACK MAGIC

Magic is defined as a supposed natural prowess of making the impossible seem possible. It can give a person the power to control someone else.

In ancient times, a person who possessed the skills to perform magic tricks also used it for healing purposes. It was also used to keep away bad spirits, to seek the truth when injustice occurs and lastly, used to seek revenge.

'In Black and White'

There are several types of magic but basically, it is subdivided in two categories: black and white magic.

You have seen a lot of movies which depict the good triumphing over evil. This is the same scenario between white and black magic.

White magic is done or performed on the "good" side. It is supposed to be used for the greater good and kindly or harmless methods are employed with this type of magic.

Black magic, on the other hand, is immediately associated with evil purposes. It is said that the evil spirits are called upon when a magician performs black magic.

'Sorcery and Witchcraft'

Because of the shady or not-so-good reputation of black magic, it is often referred to as sorcery. It is also known as witchcraft, though most of the individuals practicing black magic are actually harmless and they do not have evil intentions.

'Modern Black Magic'

Nowadays, supposedly there are several procedures and skills that one can learn through the art of black magic.

1. predicting the past and seeing the future through fortune telling

2. searching for a person's innermost secrets through divination

3. casting a spell on a person by invocations

4. seeking revenge for an enemy through curses

5. having a spirit appear through evocations

6. creating procedures to sharpen one's wit and further enhance concentration

7. using black magic to heal diseases and end ailments

8. ceremonies and seals to call, evoke, command, or reward spirits

Modern witchcraft or black magic has a major misconception of being performed for evil purposes.

By learning about the history and development of black magic from the ancient era to modern times, one will eventually see that it is not something to be afraid of.

Believing in magic can leave you with a sense of wonder about the intricacies of black magic or modern witchcraft and finally put an end the ancient misconception that it is no different from Satanism.

Modern black magic actually teaches about love of nature and harmony between opposite genders and love of nature and one's self.

At the same time, it still leaves us wondering about ceremonials, spells and curses, which make us further appreciate the mysteries of the art of magic.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

PAGANISM - What is it and How do I become one?

There are as many explanations of Paganism as there are Pagans but one good description I’ve found is from the Ohio Chapter Pagan Unity Campaign.  They say that “Paganism may be loosely defined as any of a group of positive, life-affirming, earth-honoring faiths usually based in ancient beliefs."

To go slightly further into the dangerous territory of describing beliefs, we can include animism -the belief that all life, animate or inanimate, has a spirit or soul.  Pagans have a deep reverence for the earth and every creature that inhabits the earth, believing that the divine resides in all things.  Many believe in multiple gods and goddesses (polytheist) but since Paganism is such an individualistic religion, you’ll find polytheists (many), monotheists (one) and even atheists (none)!

Daychin Tengry - Turkic pagan god
Daychin Tengry - Turkic pagan god
(Photo credit: 

Even if the variety of beliefs within Paganism is manifold, one thing that you can be sure of is that they are NOT devil worshippers.  Abby Willowroot says it beautifully, when answering the question of are Pagans devil worshippers?  “Most Devil worshipping groups are not Pagan, because they are centered on a Judeo-Christian supernatural being, namely Satan. These devil worshippers are a sect of Christianity, even though Christianity does not want to claim them.”

The Occult is also different from Paganism, although Pagans and members of any other religion can deal with the Occult.  Wikipedia defines “The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to "knowledge of the hidden".   But for many people involved with the occult, they are simply studying a deeper spiritual reality than that which we can see with our human powers of reason and the physical sciences with which we measure and quantify things.

How Do I Become A Pagan?

When a person comes to the conclusion that the things they have always believed in now need a name different from that which their family or their community has given, they may want to somehow “become” a Pagan.  Here the dilema begins.

Paganism is a very individual and personal journey of spiritual discovery and Pagans generally do not seek converts, nor do they feel a duty to share or guide the novice “into the faith” as many conventional religions do.  Finding a path to like-minded people can be difficult and will be different for each locality in which you may live.  The agreed starting point is to first gain knowledge.

Find out if you are truly in sympathy with Pagan beliefs, are you committed to living in harmony with the Earth and caring for and honoring all of her creatures?  Will you strengthen your understanding of your role in the whole scheme of things, no longer taking for granted all that the Earth offers you?  By reading the books and periodicals available and looking at websites that explain Pagan beliefs, you can explore your own beliefs so you really understand what they are and discover why you want to follow the Pagan path.

It is important you clarify things for yourself before trying to join a group.  Once you have answered these questions, you need to explore the various groups within Paganism to determine which group - Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism, Witchcraft, Asatru, Heathenry, Hedgewitchcraft, even Hinduism, among so many others - you wish to attach yourself to.

Once you have looked into your own heart, gained greater knowledge of yourself and found your connection with the natural world around you, you can look to join others.  In America, to find a group of like-minded people talk to people in new age or pagan bookstores, check their bulletin boards. Many books and periodicals give information on how you can find contacts in your area. Check out online groups, but be wary - there are many unsavory characters out there.  Alternatively an updated guide to pagan groups  is now available by mail-order from the Circle Network, based in Wisconsin.

If you are in Great Britain, some of these and other ways can led to you finding like-minded people.  Look for “moots” - these are advertised, regular gatherings usually held in pubs or perhaps the organizers’ homes.  There is usually a contact number, so phone the organizer before the event and get enough information before hand so you know what to expect.

You can also check out egoups on Yahoo, other web-based forums, Pagan conferences or camps and ritual that are open to the public and of course, contacts obtainable through the Pagan Federation and other reputable Pagan organizations.

However I do suggest a certain modicum of caution - although pubs and the web are public places, you must trust your intuition; don’t share more than you are comfortable revealing.  Please keep in mind not everyone is honest.

Although it may be frustrating, don’t be in too big a hurry to find a group or even a spiritual teacher.  Many Pagans will follow a solitary path to greater enlightenment, perhaps for a lifetime.  It can even be said that a time of studying on your own is far better because you will find what works for you without the potential confusion or pressure others’ beliefs may provide.  Knowing your own beliefs and the basics of rituals will show any group you may wish to join, that you are willing to learn and serious.  It is also a good idea to have explored what you want from the group you join.  Will you be able or willing to meet their expectations, etc.?

You may find that because Pagans are still so much in the minority, your spiritual path will continue to be a solitary one because there aren’t any folk living near you to physically guide or share Pagan rituals with.  In such a case, or as an adjunct to your own growth, joining organizations such as the British Pagan Federation or the Reformed Druids of North America, the Order of Bards or the Rowan Tree Church, among others, could be the best way to enlarge your training or contact opportunities.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Customize Your FLOWER TATTOO

A flower tattoo is a common theme for women. Such a body art can be unique, colorful and can add an element of beauty to a woman's body.

Each of these factors contributes to the overwhelming majority of women who choose to get a flower for their skin design. There are many different color variations in tattoo ink, so the possibilities are endless.

Women typically prefer the flower tattoo since the flower is a decidedly feminine image. There are several different ways that the flower can be integrated into other tattoos, or it can stand alone as a striking and meaningful body art.

Photo  by Shannon Archuleta

The ability to have the skin design colored in exactly the way that you want really gives those who want such a body art the opportunity to express their individuality and personal tastes.

Many people find a great deal of satisfaction in creating their own tattoo design. A flower tattoo is a great centerpiece for a custom designed body art because it has so many color possibilities and options.

If a new one is designed to be used as a memorial for someone who died, or as a reminder of an event like an anniversary, a specific flower within the context of the body art will serve to evoke the memory or emotion that you wish to recall.

A flower tattoo also provides many opportunities for people to make a statement about who they are. Some may decide that they want to design on their skin the flower of their birth month on themselves, while others may choose to tattoo the flowers that they carried in their wedding bouquet.

Every girl has a favorite flower, and some choose to have those tattooed just to make a statement about who they are and what they like. Since originality is important to many who choose to get tattoos, a flower is a great option since there is such a wide range of possibilities.

Recently, back tattoos have become very popular amongst women. A flower or a floral design is ideal to put on your lower back. A flower in this location can bring an air of femininity and can make a girl feel like she has something pretty on her back.

Many women state that they have a better self-image of their body when they have something pretty like a flower tattooed on it.

Regardless of where you have it, the flower tattoo will remain one of the most common tattoos. It is timeless, socially acceptable, and beautiful. Many women who get flower tattoos get them as their first.

Once they get comfortable with the idea of a skin design and they see the positive reactions that come from their flower tattoo, they become a little bolder with the designs and subject matter of their future tattoos.

Such a body art can be a great introductory skin design and serves as a stepping-stone for many people.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Some of the lines of the hand in Palmistry 1: ...
Some of the lines of the hand in Palmistry
1: Life line - 2: Head line - 3: Heart line - 4: Girdle of Venus -
5: Sun line - 6: Mercury line -
7: Fate line  - (Photo credit: 

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Palmistry as the practice of telling fortunes from the lines, marks, and patterns on the palms of the hands. Palmistry is also called as chiromancy, palm-reading, chirology, or hand-analysis. Palmistry originated in ancient India. It was said to be practiced by the Brahmins of Ancient India. Palmistry can be regarded as a part of Astrology. Records of practice of Palmistry are also available in countries such as China, Tibet, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Ancient Greece.

Cheiro was the most famous practitioner of palmistry in modern times. He was born in Ireland and had predicted many incidents of his time. For example, he correctly foretold the Boer War, death of Queen Victoria, assassination of King Umberto of Italy, a year or so before each of these incidents occurred. He also had predicted about the infamous “Great Depression” all over the world. He correctly predicted the outbreak and end of World War 1 before it happened. Cheiro wrote a number of valuable books on Palmistry. He had also successfully predicted the downfall of the Czar in Russian and the subsequent massacre of him and all his immediate family members. Palmistry is based on reading the lines on the hand of a person. Palmists say that by reading the lines of a person’s hand, it is quite possible to tell about the persons past, present and future. They say that positioning of the lines in the hand is a key to determining the subjects past, present, and future. 

The basics of Palmistry are said to be quite simple as opposed to the popular belief that it is something mysterious. The fleshy part of the hand and the structure of the fingers reveal a lot about the subject. Palmists claim that predictions through Palmistry has scientific basis, even though the scientists worldwide have their own opinion regarding this topic. The scientists claim that Palmistry does not have any scientific basis. According to the Palmists, the dominant hand of a person reveals the current and future trends. On the other hand, the passive hand reveals the person’s childhood. Palmists see a definite pattern in the lines on the palm. These lines have been classified into heart line, head line, life line, fate line etc. Each of these lines will interpret different aspects of ones life.

In this age of cutthroat competition, the people seem to have become more and more dependant on things beyond their normal powers. Palmistry is gaining popularity even among the western public as well. This is because human beings have become more concerned about their future than ever before. Palmistry is quite popular in India. It is a part of the everyday life for many Indians. Life is unimaginable for them without Palmistry. They will consult the Palmist for almost every activity of their lives. For special occasions like marriage, setting up of a new business, birth of a child, starting a new profession etc, a visit to a Palmist has become a must. A palmist will examine the hand carefully and advice the clients about their next activity. The palmists say that there is a relation between the lines in ones palm, the planetary motions, and ones life.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Is biomass a green energy source? According to experts, yes it is. In fact, it is one of the three main areas of bioenergy.

English: Green power. Footpath near Great Brid...
Green power. Footpath near Great Bridgeford. The path follows a green tunnel between the mature hedge and the crop of Miscanthus. Also called Elephant Grass it is grown as a fuel for a mini powerstation in the area. Eccleshall Biomass Farming for Energy is a 2 megawatt power plant that will generate electricity using energy crops and provides 2,000 homes with electricity.
(Photo credit: 
But what is bioenergy? Well, it is a process by which organic material such as animal waste, plants and wood are used to generate electricity, produce heat and also aid in the production of biofuels.

In the case of biomass, hot air or water is generated to produce electricity. This is done through direct combustion and is considered the simplest and most common method of generating energy from biomass.

Aside from generating electricity, biomass can be used for hot air production so you can keep a place warm. For this to work, biomass has to be combusted in a furnace where it heats either water or air. Speaking of water, this enables you to have warm water so you can take a shower. In short, biomass in itself can also be used in a small scale as a heating system.

Since you can generate electricity and heat, some people have been able to combine the two which is known as combined heat and power or CHP. Something that many consider to be good as you use one energy source for two purposes.

If you are able to compare the amount of electricity generated between biomass and let’s say solar energy, you will notice that biomass produces more because the energy in plants is already captured and stored.

You don’t have to collect it first which is what happens with solar or even wind energy since this is manufactured technology. It is readily available unlike the other two which is totally dependent on the weather.

Another is the fact that you can even use organic waste to product electricity. No other green energy source can do that and by using this extensively, any government can save money because you don’t have to spend money to dispose of the waste and you will no longer depend on foreign oil that much to power your plants.

The downside to biomass is that because you have to burn waste and other organic materials to product power, you add to the pollution which is already in the atmosphere. But this can be offset of course by planting more crops which we know helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

You will also have to shell out a lot of money initially for the costs of labor, the transport of these fuels and how these should be stored.

Biomass uses renewable natural resources which is why it is considered a green energy source. This means that we have an endless supply of it around just like the power of the sun or the wind which flows from the ocean. The challenge is to find suitable land that has a sufficient water supply so these will be able to grow.

This means that in areas where water is not that abundant, you cannot rely on biomass technology to generate power. When that happens, you use other means and one good example given the right geographical location is wave energy which is the process of generating power from the water.

There is a way to generate power without causing harm to the environment. We have the technology and the green energy sources. We just need to muster the willingness to make it happen.