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Traveling Alternative Roads: Other Options for HEALTH CARE

Health insurance can be expensive if you are not lucky enough to have it provided by your employer. Even shopping around for the best quotes may not be within your budget. Luckily there are alternatives to health insurance that you can take advantage of so that you and your family will be safe even if an emergency situation comes up. You can apply for the prescription discount card program, which is a low monthly cost and works at most of the of corporation drug stores that we all use. There are also programs that give you health care but are not considered “health insurance”.

Image from page 377 of "Leonardo da Vinci, artist, thinker and man of science" (1898)

The prescription discount card is great for anyone who has regular prescriptions that need to be filled over a long period of time. The cost of prescriptions without insurance is high and always rising. If you cannot afford health insurance, there is no way that buying these full priced prescriptions will come without difficulty. You can enroll in a discount card program on the Internet or you can call around to try and find one locally. The reported savings for each person is estimated to be at least 50%, and some programs will enroll you for under $5 a month.

Health care programs are another popular alternative to expensive health insurance. BeniCard, for example, is a highly acclaimed health care program, and for a small monthly fee, you can have your immediate family covered. You will not be turned down because there is no limit to who is eligible, even if you have a pre-existing condition. It is not health insurance, but you will be able to save money on doctor visits, vision and hearing care, dental services, and prescription drugs. This is just one of the programs that can help you if you cannot get health insurance due to expense or because you have been turned down due to an illness.

No one should go without health care of some sort. Prescriptions are extremely costly without insurance, and if you or someone in your family has an emergency health situation, you could be left with a large debt for years. Insurance companies are hesitant to accept anyone with a pre-existing illness because it will definitely cost them plenty of money. For anyone who has been turned down for health insurance or simply cannot afford to pay a deductible, health care programs and prescription discounts are a low-cost alternative that could save you money.

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The Emerald BUDDHA

The Emerald Buddha is a figurine of a sitting Budha, that is the is the palladium of the Kingdom of Thailand. The Buddha is made of green jade, surprisingly not of emerald, clothed in gold is approximately 45 cm tall. The Buddha is kept in the Chapel of the Emerald Buddha, which is located on the grounds of the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Photo: Wikimedia

Legend tells that that the Emerald Buddha was created in Pataliputra, India, which is now the city of Patna in 43 BCE by Nagasena. Other great historians believe that it belongs to the Chiang Saen Style of the 15th century. The legend says that it remained in Pataliputra for 300 hundred years until it was taken to Sri Lanka to save it from a civil war. It was then in 457, that King Anuruth of Burma sent out orders to Ceylon to ask for the Emerald Budha and Buddhist scriptures. These actions took place by the king, to try and support Buddhism in his country. This request was granted, however, the ship that was bringing the Buddha to Burma became lost in a storm and ended up in Cambodia. The Buddha made its way through several hands after that: Ayutthaya, Kamphaeng Phet, Lao and finally Chiang Rai. It was finally in Chiang Rai that the ruler of the city hid it.

It wasn't until 1434 that sources indicate the resurfacing of the statue in Northern Thailand. There is one story about the discovery: "lightning struck a pagoda in a temple in Chiang Rai, after which something became visible under the stucco. The Emerald Buddha was dug out and the people thought the figurine was made from emerald, hence its current name."

Although the Buddha is just a simple jade statue, it is dressed in garments that are made of fine gold. The Buddha's clothing is changed by the King of Thailand, to celebrate the changing of seasons. This occurs three times a year:  1st Waning of Lunar Month 4, 8 and 12

ALOE VERA and Cancer

English: Bud of aloe vera flowers
Bud of aloe vera flowers
(Photo credit: 
As I earlier said that nature always has a cure for the diseases it creates. And one such recently discovered natural cure of cancer is found in Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is plant grown in the African countries and is known for centuries to counter a million diseases including cancer.

You have 200 different types of cell in your body, which usually all life, grow and multiply in harmony. For example, you always have just the right number of liver cells and white blood cells because there are many different signals that control how much and how often your cells divide. If any of these signals are faulty or missing, a cell may start to grow and multiply too much - the beginning of cancer. This can happen in almost any type of cell, anywhere in your body. That's why there are many types of cancer like breast cancer, cervix cancer, etc, each word refers to the place where the uncontrolled growth has taken place.

We don't need to discuss cancer here, as most of you reading this article are already suffering or have a kin who is suffering from cancer. What we need to discuss is the natural cure for cancer that is Aloe Vera and how it can cure cancer.

It is clear from research conducted throughout the world over the past thirty years that Aloe vera and, in particular, certain specific substances in the plant - have very dramatic and impressive anti-cancer effects. Aloe Vera has been demonstrated to enhance the immune system's response to cancer, promote the growth of new and healthy cells, and reduce the overall viral load within the body thereby revitalizing the body in its fight against cancer.

Research has shown that Aloe vera use can double the number of both "killer" and "helper" T-cells within three weeks and at the same time reduce the P-24 core antigen - the overall indicator of viral load in the body. Interferon and interleukin production is stimulated, attacking cancer and viruses in the body. Lectins and emodines are two anti-tumor chemicals in Aloe vera which, along with an increase in the tumor necrosis factor brought about by Aloe vera, begin to destroy malignant cancer tumors.

So..less tumors mean less cancer. It said that the body is always fighting with cancer tumors, but these are miniatures and have no effect on the body. This means that everyone around suffers from mild cancer. But it is only when these cells multiply uncontrollably its called cancer.

You can consume Aloe Vera as a juice extracted from the leaf of the plant, but the recommended method is to take in aloe vera supplements. You can consider taking Aloe Vera supplements.

BARBIE DOLLS – Where Did They Come From?

Dear Santa, Please can I have a Barbie doll for Christmas?

Photo: Pixabay
Barbie dolls have probably been on Christmas wish lists for several generations of girls. In fact, Barbie has become a household name for many years. Who created the first concept of the Barbie doll?

The story started with the birth of Ruth Mosko in Denver Colorado in 1916. Ruth married Elliot Handler in 1938. Elliot Handler and his business partner Harold ‘Matt” Matson formed the company Mattel. The name was created by a combination of their names ‘Matt-Ell”. Mattel originally manufactured picture frames, but after making dolls furniture from scraps decided to focus on toy manufacturing for which Mattel is now famous.

Ruth Handler noticed that her young daughter Barbara was more interested in playing with adult dolls, then the baby dolls that were available at that time. While traveling in Europe she saw a German doll called ‘Lilli’ which she bought for her daughter. The original ‘Lilli’ doll was not a children’s toy, but a joke style gift for men.

Mattel bought the marketing rights for ‘Lilli’. They changed the doll’s name to Barbie, named after Ruth’s daughter Barbara. Barbie was first released for sale in the United States in 1959 and became a hot seller. Barbie’s boyfriend ‘Ken’ was introduced in 1960. Ken was named after Ruth’s son Kenneth.

The Barbie doll was first displayed at the New York International American Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. This date became Barbie’s official birthday.There is now a fictional biography of the life of ‘Barbie’ with additional family and friends created and sold as separate dolls.

By Barbara White

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ACUPUNCTURE for Pain Relief

Acupuncture doll. Archie McPhee store, Ballard...
Acupuncture doll.
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It's amazing the number of people who live with pain on a regular basis.  For some people, the pain is something that they simply live with but it does not alter their life necessarily.  For others, the pain gets quite intense and they have to live around the pain instead of simply incorporating it into their lifestyle.  One thing that almost all pain has in common, however, is an imbalance that exists in our body.  If we were to bring our body back into line with where it should be, most of the pain that we feel would stop happening.

Although there are many different ways for people to deal with pain that range from prescription medications to therapeutic exercise, one way that is often overlooked is acupuncture.  The fact is, acupuncture is able to help with pain in a lot of different ways and to help individuals to get over pain or to be able to reduce it so that it is easily manageable.  How is acupuncture able to do this?  It does this by bringing our body back into balance with where it should be.

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years in Asia and is now becoming very popular in the Western world.  It is based on the principle that we all have an energy which is referred to as Chi.  It is a balanced energy that exists in between two extremes, the negative and positive.  If all things in our body or balanced, according to these theories, then we can enjoy good health.  Acupuncture is a way of manipulating the energy that flows through our body and brings us back into a balanced state.

What kind of pain can be controlled by acupuncture?  People actually visit acupuncturists for a wide variety of pain that includes lower back pain, headaches, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  It is also very common for people to visit the doctor before and after surgery for additional pain management.  So not only is acupuncture good for the relief of pain, it also may help with the prevention of pain as well.

As acupuncture continues to grow a popularity and additional testing helps to prove what it can do for us, more people will use these treatments in order to deal with their ill health.  By bringing us back into a balanced state naturally, acupuncture is able to allow us to heal from the inside out.

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Discovering Dragon Reiki

When it comes to spiritual healing, Dragon Reiki is considered as one of the most popular forms there is. This is because many people who have tried it believe that this kind of Reiki is very effective and powerful in terms of calming the person's emotional upheavals that cause great stress. 

Unlike the traditional Reiki-which is practiced only to bring the feeling of serenity and peacefulness in a person-dragon Reiki is preferred by more and more people especially those who are suffering from terminal illnesses. This is because many patients believe that because of the powerful life energy force that is awakened in during a session, it gives the patient more will and optimism to live and get well.

Bhutanese Dragon
Dragon - Photo   by   Fresco Umbiatore (cc)

Because of the effectivity of dragon in healing people who suffer from major illnesses, this has been practiced in many medical institutions just like clinics and hospitals. In fact, more and more hospitals are offering dragon Reiki as a part of the overall treatment process because the doctors themselves believe that this fuels the hope and positivism of the patient. 

Just like the traditional practice of Reiki, dragon Reiki was discovered and originated in Japan. But, in order to veer away from the confines of the traditional practice, various Reiki masters opted to conduct further studies away from its origin country to make it more versatile, effective, and powerful.

These Reiki masters traveled all parts of the world and search for practices and concepts that can improve the dragon Reiki healing. One of the countries where Reiki masters stayed for a long time in studying this art of healing is China. 

Being a country-where various traditional and alternative healing were existent-Reiki masters discovered that people in this country could help them in improving this art of healing. The country is also advantageous for Reiki masters because the Chinese tradition believed that an effective spiritual healing could be derived from the sanctity of the dragon.

Believing that that 'dragon" can be a strong link in healing a person's spirit because of its innate connection with nature, any people in China adopted the concept of the healing process.

True enough, more and more Chinese people were into dragon Reiki as a healing form and spread the word to the rest of the country. In a matter of years, dragon Reiki became one of the most opted and popular forms of spiritual healing in all parts of the country. 

Healing through dragon Reiki 

Since it has stemmed from the traditional Reiki, which uses the person's innate life energy force, dragon Reiki also makes use of this invisible force-only, it focuses on the person's balanced spirituality. Dragon Reiki masters say that a person can be healed through this form of healing if they can develop the ability to bring forth their emotional and physical life forces. 

To be able to be healed, people must have a proper balance of spirituality to be able to awaken the positivism in them. When a person achieves this balance in spirit, he/she can live life to its fullest extent-stress free and content. 

What sets dragon Reiki from the other types is that it aims to heal not only the person's body and emotions but also nurtures his or her spirituality-opening newer and larger horizons for change and growth.

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Using HERBS to Relieve Hemorrhoids - Aloe Vera, Bilberry and Butcher"s Broom

To relieve hemorrhoids first look for ways to get your bowels moving easier and more frequently so they produce softer stools. I have suggested ways, in other articles, to do this by changing your diet.

Any straining and puffing you do to push hard or even soft stools out during a bowel movement will aggravate your hemorrhoids and can lead to bleeding and pain.

Aloe Vera in HDR
Photo by rabiem22 (cc)

When completing a bowel movement, make sure you are using the softest tissue available so that when you clean yourself you don’t scrape or aggravate your hemorrhoids. You can also use a pre-moisten tissue. Just make sure that the tissue you use is not colored or scented because these chemical additives can aggravate your hemorrhoids. You may have to take a shower a couple times a day to keep your rectum area clean.

Here are three natural remedies that you can use to aid in eliminating your hemorrhoids.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is an astringent that helps to heal open wounds. It is useful in hemorrhoids by applying the gel directly onto your anus. The best type of gel for this is directly from the aloe plant. If you don’t have one, then 100% organic whole leaf aloe gel is second best. You can get this organic aloe at a health food or nutrition store.

If you have a fresh plant, wash a leaf thoroughly with distilled water. Peel it on one side, bend it with the peeled side outward, and slip it into your anus. This will provide you with pain relief and reduce your hemorrhoid bleeding. Just trim down the leaf so it slides into your anus easily.

Aloe Vera juice, that you drink, is also good for hemorrhoids. It helps to soften your stools and to activate peristaltic action. If you like aloe juice, then drink around 1/2 a cup of Aloe Vera juice three time a day.

You can add 1/4 or 1/3 part aloe juice to a cup of apple juice to make the taste easier to handle. To make this aloe-apple juice more effective, add 10 drops of barberry extract.

Barberry is an astringent for blood vessel congestion along the colon and rectum. It will improve blood circulation; it stimulates the immune system to resist disease, and will tone body tissues. It also is capable of stopping bleeding hemorrhoids.

Blaeberry (Bilberry)  in Flower
Photo by Eskling (cc)


Bilberry’s active ingredients are flavanoids. Bilberry contains chemical called “anthocyanosides.” This fruit like herb has been used in Europe for a long time. In clinical studies, it has shown to be effective in treating weak capillaries by strengthening their walls.

Buy the 25% standardized formula and take 100 mg three times a day of bilberry. Bilberry will give you hemorrhoid relief.

Butchers Broom.  Ruscus aculeatus
Photo by gailhampshire (cc)

Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s broom, an evergreen bush, has a history of being used for varicose veins and hemorrhoids. As an extract, it contains “ruscogenins”, which can narrow blood vessels and decrease their inflammation and swelling. It strengthens and tones veins and capillary walls. Take 100 mg of butcher’s broom three times a day. Use the type that has 9-11% ruscogenins.

Now you can use either of the three herbal remedies for hemorrhoid relief. If one is not working to good, try the other. Once you have gotten the hemorrhoid relief that you want stop using the herbal remedy.

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The Whole Truth About ACNE Medication

Acne vulgaris
Acne vulgaris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Most people will suffer from acne at some point in their life. Everyone's skin condition and chemistry are different so there can be no set remedy to prevent or clear existing acne. The good news is that it can be treatable. People make the mistake of letting it run its course, thinking they will outgrow it. Sometimes that is just not good enough. 

With so many acne medications available over-the-counter or by prescription, it can be frustrating finding one that works. But something out there will work for you if you just keep trying. If you find that you are getting nowhere with your acne, try finding something more specific to your skin type.

Common over-the-counter (OTC) acne medications available are Stri-dex, Clearasil, Oxy, Neutrogena On-the-Spot, Cetaphil, and Persa-Gel 10. These can be found in most drug and grocery stores. The prices may vary ($4-$14) but price does not necessarily mean it will work the best on your acne. There is also a variety in the form of the medication, such as gels, lotions, creams, and medicated pads. The form of the acne medication does not usually affect how well it treats your skin. Do not be discouraged if a product that you try makes your acne worse. Sometimes we must take a step back to make progress. Make a note of the ingredients in what you used and, in the future, only use medicines that do not contain any or much of this. You should always read the labels before purchasing a product. You wouldn't order a dish at a restaurant if you didn't know what was in it, would you? If your skin is oily, then you may choose to purchase something that is especially for treating oily skin.

If your skin is too sensitive for OTC acne medications that you have tried, then perhaps you should consult a Dermatologist. Some forms of acne can not be treated without a prescription. The doctor may prescribe an oral antibiotic instead of a topical acne medication for severe cases. These are commonly used to decrease inflammation that can contribute to acne. 

Topical prescription acne medication for severe cases of acne usually contains retinoids. Retinoids prevent blackheads and whiteheads, while un-clogging your pores. The downside to this is that you could have increased sensitivity to the sun or develop an irritation. It is possible for fine lines and wrinkles to be reduced with this treatment, which is a bonus advantage to having younger and healthier looking skin.

In addition to typical acne medication options, there are some home remedies include treating with Hydrogen Peroxide, toothpaste, or diluted alcohol. If you experiment with these, you may end up with a cheap solution to your acne. Peroxide could speed up the healing process of existing acne. It kills germs to drastically reduce inflammation. Toothpaste can be applied lightly on spots that appear before the actual acne has formed. Usually, this is left on overnight and washed off in the morning. It dries up excess oils that can contribute to the formation of acne. Pure alcohol should never be applied to the skin. However, if you dilute it half with water to gently wash your face, you can dry up excess oils without completely drying out your skin.

Acne is a common problem and getting treated is nothing to be ashamed of. No one should have to live with the embarrassment of acne. There is an effective method out there for you, as long as you are willing to take the time to find it.

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The Role Of VITAMIN B3 Niacin

Vitamin B3 Niacin is an essential vitamin for your body, and it is just one of the eight water soluble types of B vitamins.  Nearly all of the B vitamin classes will help the body convert carbohydrates into sugar or glucose, which can then be burned to produce energy.  Also known as complex B vitamins, B3 niacin is essential in helping the body break down protein and fat.

Space-filling model of the niacin molecule, al...
Space-filling model of the niacin molecule, also known as Vitamin B 3 and nicotinic acid, an essential human nutrient. Colour code (click to show) :
Black: Carbon, 
C : White: Hydrogen, H : Red: Oxygen, O : Blue: Nitrogen, N
(Photo credit: 
Complex B vitamins also play an important role in maintaining muscle tone within the digestive tract, along with the health of the skin, nervous system, liver, eyes, hair, and mouth.  Even though a lot of people associate creativity with the aspect of muscles and muscle tone, vitamin B3 niacin is as equally important - if not more important.

B3 niacin is also important with getting harmful or toxic chemicals out of the body.  It can also help the body produce different sex and stress related hormones within the adrenal glands, among other parts of the body.  The vitamin is also useful for helping with sexual dysfunction as well.  This can be great news for those who have problems with pleasing their mate.

Also very effective for improving circulation, B3 niacin can also help to reduce cholesterol levels found in the blood.  Even though vitamin B3 niacin is great as a stand alone supplement, it should also be consumed with foods that contain protein, due to the fact that the body is able to convert the amino acid known as tryptophan into niacin.

The higher doses of B3 niacin, which are available only by prescription, have been proven to prevent and also improve a variety of different symptoms and ailments.  Due to the high risk of toxicity, individuals should always consult with a doctor first, before they decide to start higher doses of B3 niacin.

There are also niacin skin care products that are being developed as well, which contain anti-aging products, helping to treat acne and also aid in the prevention of skin cancer.  A lot of dermatologists expect that these products will become really popular over the next several years.  Even though they are still in development stages, research has proven them to be very effective when compared to the other types of products.

The best sources for vitamin B3 niacin include beef, pork, turkey, beets, veal, fish, chicken, salmon, tuna, and peanuts.  You can also get supplements that contain B3 niacin as well, which can give your body the amounts it needs.  This is a very important vitamin, as it does a lot more for the body than most think.  By consuming foods that contain it or taking the proper supplements - you’ll get a number of B vitamins that your body needs on a daily basis.

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The popularity of Koi tattoos is growing every day. So what makes these brightly colored fish so popular? Many just like their ornamental beauty and bold colors, while others choose a koi because of the symbolism that it represents. So what does this magnificent fish represent?

koi tattoo acrylic

Photo by ddmatt31 (cc)

Koi originated in China and they were introduced into Japan in the 1800’s. According to Chinese legend, it is believed that if a koi succeeded in climbing the Yellow River falls to “Dragon’s Gate” then it would be transformed into a dragon. This symbolizes worldly aspiration and advancement. In Japan, they are considered a manly symbol and according to legend, if a koi climbs the waterfall bravely, and if they are caught, they will lay on the cutting board completely still facing their death bravely just as a samurai would. Based on that legend, the Japanese associate koi with perseverance and strength.

Koi fish are very powerful and energetic and they can swim against the current to reach food or spawning ground. This fact also has to bear on whether people have their koi tattoo swimming up or down. It is said that if the fish is swimming upstream then you have overcome a hardship during trying times. If it is swimming down, then you are struggling with a hardship. However, others translate this to mean that a koi tattoo swimming upstream represents a very independent person that has very little concern for what others think. You would rather be your own person and face the challenge of swimming against a hard current than to conform to the rules of society. This is an act of power and you cannot be deterred by anything.

Koi symbolism is also associated with:

Good luck





Power and perseverance

There are many varieties of koi and they vary in color and design. Many people believe that the color of the koi tattoo should be in harmony with you and your surroundings. Some of the more popular breeds and their colors are listed below:

Asagi – Light blue top surface with red underside

Bekko – Red, white or yellow with black markings

Butterfly Koi – These come in many colors but are known for their long fins and slender bodies

Goshiki – Black background with white, red, brown and light blue markings

Hikari Moyomono – Two colored fish with one of the colors being metallic

Kin Gin Rin – Reflective scales make these fish shiny metallic colored

Kohaku – White with red markings

Koromo – Ordered scales with blue edges

Ogon – Single colored

Showa – Black with red and white

Taisho Sanshoku or Sanke – White, red and black

Tancho – White with a red spot on its head

Utsurimono – Black and red or white or yellow

In addition to their symbolic meanings, these tattoos are some of the most beautiful works of art that you can have on your body. Many people add water, a waterfall or flowers to their design. Another popular alternative is to have two or more koi swimming together. The possibilities are endless, and no matter what the reasoning or symbolism is behind your koi tattoo, this is one design that you will truly love forever.

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Benefits And Importance Of BHUJANGASANA - Yoga Asanas

Bhujangasana is known as the snake or Cobras pose because it reflects the look of a raised hood. As you raise your head along with your chest it represents a snake hood. The rest of the body lies down representing the body of the snake. This asana can be one of the best asanas for your back as well as your spine. 

Yoga postures Bhujangasana
Yoga postures Bhujangasana
(Photo credit: 

Inhaling and exhaling play a very important part in this or any other asanas. Bending and stretching of your back may differ between individuals. As some have their youth to help whereas some manage even without that. It all depends on how flexible your body is and how much can you bend, make the utmost use from your asana.

It has been said that as long as your back is flexible you still have a long way to go. Every muscle of your body is pulled and stretched which gives the elasticity and suppleness to your backbone. With the passing of the age, our back starts throwing tantrums and becomes very stiff against our wishes. Before any such thing happens tone your body and other parts of your body by doing this asana. 

By stretching, it tones the spinal column which reflects your back and with the extra pull, entire abdominal muscles get toned too. Torpid muscles like uterine muscles and ovaries get toned too while doing this asana. It is one of the best asanas which serves as a medicine for wet-dreams and leucorrhoea. It also helps in developing your chest as well as firming the bust due to the raising hood position. 

This position helps in creating the necessary pressure to the adrenal glands which provide rich supply of blood for the entire body. Liver and other organs next to it also benefits from this asana. Problems of irregular menstrual cycles can be solved with this asana. The pressure applied on your stomach and muscles helps in relieving you from constipation problems. Acute gas troubles are also resolved if the asana is done on a regular basis. People suffering from slip disc problem again due to the stretching of spinal column giving it a proper toning. Your backache problems may just leave you forever if you do this continuously.

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Sprouted in Africa and introduced to various Southern European nations way back in 17th century, Geranium has since been used widely for varied purposes. In the present times, there are more than 700 varieties of Geranium available however only two are used when it comes to the production of aromatherapy oils. These two are known as the pelargonium odorantissimum and pelargonium graveolens.

The plant has been known for its several healing properties. As with many essential oils, it is used for soothing pain consequential to fractured bones, treat bleeding and open wounds. As a matter of fact, in various European nations, it is a tradition to grow this tree outside a home in order to protect it from evil spirits. As it has a fragrance similar to that of rose, it is widely used in the production of perfumes and skin care products.

Geranium oil is extracted from the stalks, leaves and flowers. They are steamed and distilled to produce an essential oil that can be blended with other oils such as lavender, cypress, patchouli, ylang-ylang, rosemary, bergamot, myrtle, fennel, neroli, pine, fennel, juniper, basil, sandalwood and bergamot. This is one factor that makes it one of the most preferred and versatile oils that is used in a variety of aromatherapy.

It is used as a skin care remedy. Doctors suggest its use for treatment of bruises, shingles, eczema and scalds.  It is also a great remedy as an insect repellent. When used in burners, it can make atmosphere stress free.

On the other hand is Lemon Oil that too is popular for its various benefits.  It is extracted from the skin of Citrus Limon. The fruit appears from pink collared flowers and slowly turns into yellow colour. With it comes several beneficial usages. Whether used as a prevention or treatment of disease and illness, this oil has amazing refreshing as well as calming effects. It is used in a variety of aromatherapy benefits.

It is also an amazing remedy for treating digestive disorders. If you are suffering from stomach problems, ulcers and heart burns then you can consider consuming this oil and enjoy its benefits within the quickest time. For minor wounds, abrasions boil and cut this oil is no less than a blessing. Usage of lemon oil also helps in relieving nervousness, anxiety and stress. You simply need to browse through web pages if you are planning to shop for essential oils.

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The Tools and Trappings of WITCHCRAFT

The tools and trappings of Witchcraft are many and varied. While many of them, such as the broomstick and the witch's cauldron, are very familiar among most of the population, most magickal tools used by practitioners of Wicca and Witchcraft are either unknown or vastly misunderstood. This article will address the uses of many of the most popular magickal tools out there, and, hopefully, banish some of the misconceptions out there.

The specific tools addressed are:

- The Athame
- The Wand
- The Cauldron
- The Altar
- Book of Shadows

The Athame
The Athame is probably the most misunderstood of all of the magickal tools addressed here. What is an athame, anyways? It is a ritual dagger that utilized by witches during rituals and ceremonies. It is generally a double-edged blade made from steel, iron or, for the wealthier wiccans out there, silver. The hilt of the blade is most often black, and painted or engraved with a variety of occult symbols.

The Athame is a ritual knife used in the witch...
The Athame is a ritual knife used in the witchcraft religion of Wicca.
(Photo credit: 

Stories and movies, which often depict a witch as bad guy, often glamorize the athame as a sinister weapon that is used in sacrifices and other outlandish practices. This could NOT be further from the truth! The true purpose of this tool is as an aid for the practitioner to direct their will in ritual. It is never used to cut anything physically, and if it does, it is considered tainted and cannot be used until some extensive 'psychic cleansing' can be done.

For those who practice Witchcraft, the athame is a representation of the element of air and mental energy. It is one of the most used, and often most cherished, of their ritual tools.

The Wand
The wand is another very common item used in Witchcraft. The image it brings to mind is very accurate. It is a length of wood, about the same length as the individual witch's forearm. It can be constructed from a variety of materials, and the magickal properties of the tree from which it is cut often play a major role in its choosing. The look and style of the wand is as varied as the people who carry them. They are often decorated with crystals, stones, feathers and ribbons.

The uses of the wand are very similar indeed to those of the athame. It is used to direct one's will in ritual or ceremony. However, the biggest difference with the wand is that it is often the preferred means of repelling negativity away from its user. As such, it is often the tool of choice for rituals involving purifying and cleansing.

The Cauldron
Now, this is a misunderstood tool indeed! When one brings to mind the image of a witch's cauldron, the phrase, "bubble, bubble, toil and trouble..." is often right there with it. People seem to think that witches like to brew up some of the strangest things in their cauldrons. Though the cauldron is used as a magickal mixing bowl, the ingredients are often found in the average kitchen pantry. For a witch, the cauldron represents the element of water and the energies of emotions and feeling. In ritual, the cauldron often serves in preparing infusions for a magickal bath, tinctures for a variety of uses, or simply a fireproof container in which to burn a piece of parchment.

The Altar
This is another tool that is often very misunderstood. In the Hollywood version, the altar is the creepy table decorated with skulls and black candles where the victim is tied up helplessly. Try explaining that one to the neighbours!!

In real Witchcraft, there are two main types of altars out there: The functional, ritual altar, and the altar that serves as a shrine to honour a specific deity. The shrine-type altar is pretty self-explanatory. It is a special place to connect with a specific deity, and decorated with items that either represent or are associated with that deity.

A functional altar is one that is used during the majority of Wiccan rituals and is often the centrepiece of the ceremony. It is the place where Wiccans do most of the "dirty work" of burning candles, spilling ink, and burning incense. It is a focal point for their ritual intent and the spot in the ritual circle where they connect and pray to their Deity.

Book of Shadows
This is the quintessential spell book carried by every witch out there. There are so many ways to describe this particular item. To begin, let us just say that the Book of Shadows is a combination of a journal, a how-to manual, song book, and spell book.

One of the most common things found in a book of shadows is the Wiccan Rede. This is basically a code of conduct that witches follow, and an empowering bit of prose. Also commonly found within one of these books is a piece called The Charge of The Goddess, or simply "The Charge". This is a very elegantly written piece of poetry that both empowers practitioners of Witchcraft, and reminds them of their common values and beliefs. Both of these items are often included in Wiccan ceremonies.

Aside from that, the contents of a Book of Shadows can be almost anything. Most witches include their favourite rituals, incense recipes, correspondence charts and other difficult-to-memorize magickal tidbits.

These are some of the most commonly found magickal tools used for Witchcraft. There are much more out there. However, it would take much more than a single article to encompass them all. The most important thing to remember is that these are all just tools. To perform real magick, all a good witch needs is their mind. Any tool you find is more of focus of your intent, and a signal to your subconscious. The will and energy that you put forth are what really counts.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Bo and other Long Wooden Staff MARTIAL ARTS WEAPONS

Besides rocks, one of the most basic of all weapons throughout mankind’s history across most cultures has been the long wooden stick. This makes sense since sticks were always readily available in the forests or could be easily made. The Asian martial arts took the long wooden staff into an art form as many martial art styles include the long staff in their systems. Some styles even have traditional weapons forms or katas featuring the long staff. Some systems of martial arts training with weapons such as the staff through practical techniques only without the use of set forms.

J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy
The Bo - Photo  by   scottfeldstein  (CC)
Unlike many martial art weapons such as swords, knives, kamas and says which are short range, staffs are long range weapons with superior reach. This enables the user to attack and defend from a distance which can be frustrating from the point of view of an opponent who has a short range weapon. Long range weapons are also useful in keeping multiple opponents out of reach too. Of course, long weapons such as the staff cannot be easily concealed like short range weapons so they can be cumbersome to carry around.

One of the most popular martial arts weapons from the Japanese karate styles is the bo. Even today, the bo is usually the first weapon taught at karate schools and is the most common weapon seen at tournaments. The bo staff comes in different variations. There are heavy bo staffs which resemble thick poles which are considered more traditional and there are lighter versions which are tapered at both ends. There are also multi-sided bo staffs such as octagonal but these are much less common than the usual round, circular versions.

Although there is one handed swing, most bo techniques involve both hands holding the weapon. Various strikes and blocks can be performed with either end of the bo as well as the sides and middle. Bo users take advantage of the entire weapon as techniques can be executed with any part of the bo. For the majority of techniques involving the bo, the user holds the staff near the middle with both ends protruding out equally. Traditionally, the lead hand (furthest away from the body) has been the right hand.

Contemporary weapons forms competitions have caused the bo to evolve where competitors now use extremely lightweight bo’s and some even have reflective finishes giving a more flashy visual appearance when the user is performing a bo form. Unlike traditional bo forms, contemporary creative open forms with the bo involve more complex spins and even tosses. Some martial artists do not consider some of the modern bo forms observed in the competition circuits to be true weapons forms as some competitors emphasize too much baton-like twirling action rather than actual combative techniques. It could very well be a matter of personal taste. This is why in most of the large open martial arts tournaments, weapons divisions are split into traditional and creative.

Chinese kung fu styles also utilize the long staff although there are some differences in techniques when compared to Japanese karate styles. Instead of holding the weapon in the middle most of the time like a bo is held, Chinese staffs are usually held near one end which has the effect of elongating the weapon even more. Traditionally, the lead hand is the left hand with the right holding the bottom end of the staff. However, there are techniques which involve switching sides as well as using the bottom end to strike too. In addition to strikes executed while holding the weapon with both hands, there are more single handed techniques with Chinese staffs than with Japanese bo staffs. Like their empty hand kung fu forms, Chinese staff forms have more circular, swinging techniques than in Japanese karate styles.

Contemporary wushu forms use a much lighter weapon than in traditional kung fu staff forms. Wushu stylists also use staffs or cudgels that are made of a unique white wax wood from trees that are grown only in China. Staffs made of this type of wood are not made with precision like Japanese bo’s. The wushu staffs are naturally tapered with a thicker bottom and thinner top. The white wax wood is extremely resilient as users of this type of Chinese staff perform techniques which involve smashing the entire weapon on the floor at full force.

Korean kuk sul won also has the long staff in their system and the techniques used are a blend of Chinese and Japanese moves. Although all martial arts styles that utilize weaponry have more complex and possibly more impressive looking weapons, the long staff has remained to be a favourite for many martial artists.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Experience the Ancient World With a TRIBAL TATTOO

English: A tribal tattoo design by Skyler Reep.
A tribal tattoo design by Skyler Reep.
(Photo credit: 
Though it has become very popular in Western Cultures in the past few years, native people groups around the world have used the tribal tattoo for various purposes for thousands of years.

A brief history of these uses will give people who may want a tribal tattoo a better idea of exactly what they want in a tattoo. More than just designs, these tribal symbols are often fraught with meaning and can signify many different aspects of human life.

While there are many different cultures that provide the basis for tribal tattoos, we will look at just a few of them here in order to develop a basic understanding of the most popular types.

The first style is found in ancient Egypt. Tattoos of hieroglyphics have become increasingly popular as people are choosing to tattoo themselves with symbols that may be very meaningful to them, but that they want to remain rather cryptic to others.

In addition to hieroglyphs, the ancient Egyptians used tattoos to depict religious scenes. Creatures that were half animal and half human represented the Egyptian gods and their beliefs about the afterlife.

Another form of tribal tattooing is found in Asia. A henna tattoo was used in many Hindu cultures to decorate a bride's body for her husband. This practice has become increasingly popular in recent years throughout Western cultures.

While not necessarily used as a wedding adornment, henna tattoos have found a place in gothic subculture as a means of decorating the body.

These tribal patterns are considered works of art by themselves and each one is to be a unique creation of the tattoo artist's abilities and vision.

Native Americans tribal designs have also found popularity in recent years. They are often abstract creations that denote an emotion. Power, peace, wisdom and authority are subtly portrayed in these tattoos.

Men typically get these designs wrapped around their upper arm, or they may have them wrap from their back, over their shoulder and down onto their arm.

Women will typically have these Native American body art designs placed in the small of their back, or on a shoulder.

Regardless, of the location or the origin, the popularity of tribal tattoo designs shows that people are open to listening and learning from the wisdom and traditions of other cultures.

Often, people who choose to get a tribal body art are trying to express an emotion or a message that they are unable to do with words or a common image. The tribal tattoo design sets apart the message as being something special, unique and important.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

HEALING And Healing Systems

There are many forms of healing available to us today and many different ways in which the word “healing” is used. When one looks at healing as a return to wholeness, all uses are correct. A person who is healing from surgery is experiencing their body knitting itself back together physically, just as one who is healing from heartbreak is in some sense knitting back their sense of self and security after an emotional loss. We all have an urge towards healing, even as most all of us have ways in which we act when we are wounded and are not always ready, willing, or able to expose the wound to allow the healing to begin.

~ healing ~

There are many different kinds of healing systems in the world, from the medical systems of TCM, Ayurveda, and Allopathic (western) medicine. There are spiritual and energetic ways of healing as well, and there are systems that walk between both of those worlds. The healing star system, specifically the Rising Star system of healing is one of many sacred healing systems that has been brought to us here on earth to heal with energy.

It works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues, bringing in the energy necessary to release old dis-ease and help to transform one’s life into a loving, joyful, and energizing experience. The experience that people have tends to exceed their expectations, and often they find themselves eased of hurts so old they had forgotten how life felt without it. The energy of Rising Star healing goes wherever it is needed in much the same way that Reiki energy is drawn to where healing is needed without being physically directed.

Healing one's inner self-has an outward rippling effect to other areas of one's life. Also when you heal yourself, you may also begin to heal others as well. Those around you are affected by this healing state and can themselves begin to heal anew. You also cease to interact with them out of old patterns and so they can meet and interact with your new self, a self that is hopefully committed to continuing on the healing path.

Having a profound healing experience can change your life in ways you never imagined, and this goes for someone who is experiencing any type of healing, not just healing star. There is always room to grow and expand into a more healed state-we never stop having opportunities for healing as long as we are alive.

When you are in need of healing, you should look into all the options available to you.